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I’ve had a rough night with some difficult news. They tried to drain a sample of fluid from my right lung. During this procedure I collapsed as my blood pressure dropped very low (it remains steadily low). They lay me down and I had several, what I can only be described as, panic attacks while they tried again. I was in loads of pain so they sent me for another X-ray which showed that, in addition to the fluid, my lung has got very slightly punctured during the sample collection. This means I now have air as well as fluid around my right lung and I had to have a chest drain fitted. They are now draining 2ltrs+ fluid from my lung. I’ll be in for a few days. It’s so hard, even for me, to believe that less than 48hrs ago I was out running in my local woods!

The bad news is they think it’s a recurrence of my cancer and not an infection as I’d hoped. I’m obviously not taking this news well as just two months ago I had a scan that showed no evidence of disease. In fact I’m taking this a lot worse than my initial diagnosis and have had a few panic attacks and moments of hysteria – I’m now on a lot(!) of morphine which is helping my physical and emotional symptoms.

I’m attached to this joyous machine until my lung is clear and so I’ll be spending new year in hospital – joy!

On the plus side, my respiratory consultant assures me that not only will I be back to yoga next week but that I’ll find it a lot easier now I have use of both my lungs! 🙈

What a blessing all of you are to me and to each other – I feel embraced and supported by your love. Whilst I may not be replying to comments just now, know that I am reading them all and they are guiding me through this difficult time. Thank you xxx

I am being extremely well looked after by all of the medical staff. What a blessing their services are in moments like these.

Love and light always, Fi xxx


Author: Fi Munro

I am a 31 year old woman diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. I blog about my cancer journey and the importance of maintaining holistic physical, emotional and spiritual health. I also talk about the importance of eating the right food...a lot! Get in touch on twitter: @fkmunro

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  1. Finished reading your book on Friday night after reading bits out to my husband George. He was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in 2016, had an anterior resection and temporary ileostomy in the September and a stoma reversal in February this year. Having lost most of his rectum (which sounds nothing incomparison with you) he continues to cope with regaining optimum Bowel function and coping with the difficulties of his condition. We were both inspired by your research and the lessons for trying to live a healthier more joyful life and as it fitted in very well to our plans – we intend to try out lots of your life lessons. So yesterday was a real shock when I discovered you were back in hospital and this morning – more of the same. I have never met you but have followed you on FB and along with your book, that makes me feel I know you. Just want to say – I am sending prayers, hugs and all the positivity I can muster to you and your husband. He is a rock and a support so I hope he has support as well. Happy new year to you both even though you will be in hospital. 😘

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  2. You will be back running and to yoga. I know it. Let out all your angst and then go back to your meditation and visualisation and your mental and physical health training plan. You’re awesome. You have many more New Years in front of you. Gift this one to your body. Sending you love, healing and prayers for a speedy recovery. 🙏💕🙏💖🙏💗

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  3. How scary for you however it’s perfectly acceptable to have a wobble or several for that matter….You are in the best place with an amazing team of people. I’ll keep thinking of you and sending positive thoughts xxxxxxx❤️❤️

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  4. So sorry Fi!
    One thing that struck me from your book was how excruciatingly painful that procedure sounded.
    Sad on hogmany that you’re in hospital too, but definitely the best place for you at the moment from a medical care point of view. Sending you lots of positive vibes. Stay strong, look out a window and breathe – you’ll be back home asap.
    Shona x

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  5. I’m devastated for you. It’s wonderful to know you’ll be back to yoga next week

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  6. So sorry to hear about your pain Fi. We are all here helping in anyway we can with our prayers and I am continuing to send distant reiki. As for the New Years celebrations I am sure you will be making up for it next week. But right now you are absolutely in the right place. They’ve got your back. Sending heartfelt love and light xxxx

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear your news, i’m Currently reading your book and having not long finished chemo for OC I find your book and you very inspirational. I know you can overcome this hurdle, have faith in your body and your medical team. Carry on doing all the positive things that you do, above all don’t give up. You are in my prayers lovely lady xx

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  8. Bless you – you are so lovely, managing to smile after all you have been through, you are truly amazing! You will get over this hurdle and back to enjoying life at home and the job you love. Always in my prayers and wishing you all the best for 2018. xxx

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  9. Lots of love to you Fi. xxx

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