‘Love, Light and Mermaid Tails’


In Love, Light and Mermaid Tails’, described as “an inspirational book that offers a much needed message of hope, not fear, about how you can heal your life even if you can’t be cured”, Fi Munro PhD shares an honest and often tear-jerking account of her journey back to wholeness. She openly shares her story from diagnosis with stage four ‘terminal’ cancer to living an incredible, healthy life full of joy and laughter. This book is a guide for anyone, not just those with cancer, who wants to embrace a happier, healthier and more passionate approach to their life. May it bring you hope, peace and, above all, joy on your own journey back to wholeness.

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“Fi is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. She has not only brought us a game changer of a book around the journey she is on – it’s filled with love, positivity, humour, practical insight and huge awareness of what cancer does to the body and mind. It’s a book that’s changed by life and one I now recommend to everyone.” Tina McGuff, bestselling author of ‘Seconds to Snap’

“To describe Fi Munro as positive is a massive understatement – she has turned a journey which would have broken the strongest wills into a recognition of what is important in life for everyone.” The Courier

“Anyone suffering from cancer needs to read this book.” The Scottish Sun

“Fi continues to prove an inspiration in her determination to not let a devastating cancer diagnosis ruin her life. Her new book, like so much else, is sure to be a success.”  The Courier

“Using her values as a compass Fi shares a message of hope, not fear, about how you can heal your life even if you can’t be cured. A powerful message for us all.” Lesley Howells, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Centre Head, Maggie’


‘The Warrior Within’

Coming January 2019 Fi Munro, PhD will be releasing a second edition of ‘Love, Light and Mermaid Tails’ under a new title. In this fiercer, bolder and more open account Fi hopes to inspire women to step into their power and change their lives.

Warning: some readers of this book have ended their abusive relationships, left their soul destroying jobs and uprooted their lives to follow their dreams.


‘The Goddess Within’

Why do women struggle so much with self care? Due for release in Summer 2019, this book offers advice for women on how to shed the societal driven pursuit of the ever illusive ‘perfection’, in favour of recognising that they are already perfect, just as they are. Exploring topics like relationships, sex, career, exercise, family, motherhood, body image and more, this book is a no bullshit guide for the modern woman who is seeking guidance to step into the best version of herself.

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