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Life is Precious

In the early hours of Sunday morning, after a lovely Saturday evening with friends, Ewan and I ended up as the first responders to a young woman who was hit by a car at 60mph…through no fault of the driver I hasten to add and, in fact, I send the driver so much love and compassion as they heal from this trauma too.

I lay in the road with the young woman until the police and ambulance arrived and then I helped the ambulance crew.

Her injuries, unsurprisingly, were extensive and very traumatic to witness. It is unbelievable, in fact, that she was still alive. The police told me that my actions, and first aid training, saved her life.

While I was with her I kept telling her my name and that I was there for her and I wasn’t going to let anyone touch her until paramedics arrived. Like a lioness with its cub I fought off two guys who wanted to roll her onto her back. I knew she had a spinal injury and, because she was still breathing, that this could be a potentially life threatening decision.

I know I was meant to be there. I could feel it the whole time and felt guided in my actions to protect her and preserve her life.

But the reality of knowing that she could die at any time in my arms was terrifying. I could literally feel my soul pleading with hers to stay with me.

One of the most powerful moments was when the paramedics arrived I said ‘I’ll get out your way’ and they said ‘no, you’ve been managing this scene’ and handed me a pair of gloves so I could help. Them valuing my actions is a great comfort for me.

I knelt in this woman’s blood as I helped them to cut off her clothes to assess her injuries. All the time I was talking to her and reassuring her. I have never felt such an instant human connection with a complete stranger.

I am so grateful to the emergency services for their support for this woman, me and the driver.

I feel so much love for the driver who hit her and we had a precious moment hugging each other afterwards as two women who will forever be connected by a traumatic event.

I also feel so much love too for the woman who was hit and I hope that she has the support and protection around her that she needs. I truly hope she finds the inner strength to survive her injuries.

I am sharing this with you all for two reasons. Firstly, this was extremely traumatic for me and I want to talk about it rather than hold it in my body and risk PTSD. I have already arranged an appointment with a therapist for this week in a bid to be proactive in my mental and emotional health – something I encourage others to do too.

Secondly, this offers a reminder for us all of how fragile and precious life really is. I have stage four cancer and thought I had a good understanding of my own mortality but holding this woman and her wounded body made me realise the fine line we all – not just cancer warriors – walk between life and death and the importance of living each day with compassion and love for ourselves and others.

I have no doubt that I will be processing this for a while as I strive for ‘post traumatic growth’ and I plan to take you all on this journey with me.

This evening, and always, I am wishing you all healing and hope you know you are not alone on your journeys.

Fi xx

UPDATE..the police have called me to say that the woman is alive but with very serious injuries. Her family are with her. Please hold her and those who love her in your hearts.

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Do You ‘Self-Destruct’?

Have you ever slipped into ‘self-destruction’ mode when what you really needed was ‘self-care’?

I certainly have…and more recently than you might think!

Lately I’ve found myself making all kinds of excuses for this – ‘I’ve lost a lot of weight I should eat high calorie processed food to regain it’ – ‘my body is tired, it’s ok to eat sugar’ – ‘I’m too exhausted to go out in nature today’ – and you should see my Amazon purchases after a hospital admission!…yes all books but no definitely not ones I needed!

All of these were excuses for not supporting my body, mind and spirit to properly recover. Instead I was giving myself a hard time, not acknowledging reality and, in fact, making my situation worse through self-judgment rather than much needed self-love.

Realisation, finally, hit me yesterday when I said to my nurse “I’m just too tired to do anything” – now, firstly, dramatic statements like this (in my experience) are usually just excuses and secondly, her reply was the wake up all I needed.

She reminded me what I’ve been through lately: 9 weeks of vomiting; 10 days in and out of hospital; two stone weight loss; an abdominal drain of malignant fluid; being told my cancer had spread (again); an IV of two broad spectrum antibiotics for a week; unable to eat for over a month; starting an immunotherapy trial…need I go on?

I realised that despite all of this happening, what I hadn’t done was give myself the necessary time to properly understand the effect this has had on my emotional and spiritual health.

Yes I’d started lots of self care practices – yoga, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, Body Stress Release etc but I had done so with the frustrated mentality of ‘why isn’t it fixed yet?!’

What I’d needed to do instead was to treat the wounded parts of myself with care and compassion (like you would a small child – a friend recently suggested)

So yesterday I embraced what these parts needed (in particular after a long day in hospital getting dose two of my immunotherapy) – an afternoon cuddling my hubby in the sofa with Ozzy watching comedies…tick!

Then today I did the same. I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn like usual but instead had a lazy morning getting up only in time for my medication; then I sat about in my pjs eating a leisurely breakfast while watching Ted talks before me and Ozzy set out for a long walk in nature just the two of us – allowing me some valuable alone time in nature.

It feels so refreshing to be giving myself ‘permission’ to acknowledge that I am wounded rather than fighting this reality with frustration. In doing so, I am allowing myself the time it takes to truly heal and become whole again.

I wonder if you’ve acknowledged the wounds you’ve gained recently or in the past and if you’ve given yourself permission to take the time and space you need(ed) to heal?

Or perhaps you can relate to being in the ‘self-destruct’ mode through diet, exercise, indulgent or impulsive shopping, self judgement or anything else?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Love and light, Fi xxx

ovarian cancer

How I Thrive with Stage Four Cancer


I am Fi Munro – ‘Health Blogger of the Year 2017′; Macmillan Cancer Support 2017 ‘Sir Hugh Dundas Volunteer of the Year Award’; Scottish Fundraiser of the Year 2016; award winning PhD researcher and author of “Love, Light and Mermaid Tails”.

I’m also a yoga teacher; reiki and crystal therapist; intuitive life coach and, now, a trainee shamanic practitioner 🙌🏼

In January 2016, aged just 30 years old, I was diagnosed with non-genetic stage four ovarian cancer.

There is no stage five. At the time of diagnosis my cancer was terminal.

Suddenly, everything I had identified as ‘me’ came to a stand still. In one moment, after months of pain, tests and assurances that it was “nothing to worry about”, my instinct had proved right and my worst fears had been realised.

Yet, just seven months later I was in remission, and healthier than I’d ever been before.

Life before cancer had seen me working as an award winning researcher specialising in health and healthcare.

Using my expertise as a researcher I dedicated my time to understanding everything I could about my diagnosis and subsequent prognosis. I was not prepared to be a statistic. I was not prepared to die. I was going to be the change.

In the months that followed, understanding my diagnosis, recovery and health became my full time job. The more I researched, the more I uncovered about the possible causes of cancer. I began to realise that whilst I appeared ‘healthy’ there was still much repairing to be done to remove the life-sucking ‘crap’ I’d accumulated over the years…a previous abusive relationship; personal traumas; a stressful job; societal pressure; excessive and damaging exercise routines…the list goes on…

So, knowing I needed to do some deep inner work, I gave myself permission to dedicate my time to my health and recovery.

Not a single stone was left unturned as I examined every aspect of my life and, guided by my instinct, I began to make changes.

And do you know what? Wonderful things started to happen.

Just 12 weeks after being told my cancer was inoperable because, not only had it spread throughout the organs in my abdominal cavity but also into my chest cavity, I was approved for surgery. Cancer was no longer evident on my lungs. In fact, the scans weren’t showing any visible signs of cancer anywhere in my body. Amazing huh?!

So, in May 2016 I underwent a 12-hour operation during which they removed my cervix, womb, tubes, ovaries, appendix, spleen, ommentum, part of my liver, part of my bowel (I now have a colostomy bag), part of my pancreas and part of my diaphragm. It was the most radical operation the surgical team had ever performed in one sitting on a patient with stage four cancer.

I’m not going to lie, the weeks that followed were torture. However, just eight weeks after my operation I was on no painkillers, walking 2 miles a day and loving life!

My incredible healing didn’t stop there. Just twelve weeks after this major surgery I began training as a yoga instructor and went on to launch my own yoga business and I knew I was different. I knew something magical was happening inside of my body that was allowing me to live a full and happy life despite my diagnosis.

In August 2016 I was told that my cancer was in remission. Just seven months after being told I had stage four, inoperable cancer I was completely free of the disease. I wasn’t living with cancer anymore. I was surviving and I was THRIVING!

I knew then that I had to share with others what I had done to change my life, the wonderful lessons cancer had brought me and why I am grateful and give thanks for my diagnosis every single day that I’m alive to tell my story.

Since then my cancer has recurred (December 2017). This time it caused a collapsed lung. I was told that without further chemo that my lung woul keep filling with fluid and I would, inevitably, die. However, I was emotionally and mentally stronger than I had been when I was first diagnosed and I was more in tune with my body and what it needed. So, despite advise, I turned down having my lung filled with talc to ‘help it’ and I turned down chemotherapy.

Instead I took the time I needed to recover, heal and become whole again with the support of a range of alternative therapies. I also used western medicine in the form of a privately sourced drug called Avastin – this cost over £2000 per month and was only possible through generous donations (

I had been served another life lesson and I was paying attention. I stood by my values and beliefs and did what felt right for ‘me’. The universe supported this and my disease stabilised. My cancer markers even dropped 70% ….without any chemo!

From July until September 2018 I was given another ‘curve ball’ when I had months of constant vomiting. Various tests (including a frightening brain scan) could not find the cause as I grew increasingly weak. I lost two stone in weight from my already small frame and spent a week in hospital kept alive by a drip, unable to even stomach water.

Then miraculously…literally over night…the vomiting stopped after I saw an energy healer who told me they had removed a ‘wayward spirit’ from my body.

During this time I became the first U.K. patient to start a drug trial* for recurrent non BRCA ovarian cancer. I continue to be on this trial supported by acupuncture, reiki, body stress release therapy, shamanism, energy healing, yoga, nature, massage, swimming, diet…and so much helps more!

My journey isn’t easy but I wouldn’t change a single moment of the bad because it not only makes me value the good but it has made me into the person I am and I love the person cancer made me – she’s a mother fucking warrior!

We all face adversity. Each and every day brings new challenges and sometime despair. But life is a gift and an adventure waiting to be embraced and enjoyed. It is possible to live a fulfilling and grateful life through adversity. At any given moment we can decide ‘this is not how my story ends’ and begin to rewrite our story.

Cancer taught me how to live a deep and fulfilling life. Rather that making me fear death, it taught me how to love life and how to live each day full of joy and laughter. I want to share with you how cancer has healed my life; the wonderful lessons it has brought me; and why I am grateful and give thanks for my diagnosis every single day that I’m alive to tell my story.

My website is a guide for everyone, not just those with cancer, who wants to embrace a healthier and self-caring approach to their life. It explores how you too can embrace a life with complete physical, mental and emotional health. May it bring you hope, peace and, above all, joy.

Love and light to all xxx

To book a one-to-one session please drop me a message 💖

Love, Light and Mermaid Tails” by Fi Munro (PhD) is available to buy now worldwide on Amazon in paperback and for kindle.

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* I started the immunotherapy trail on 4.9.18. The drugs are :- Durvalumab through IV every 4 weeks; Avastin through IV every 2 weeks; and Olaparib as tablets twice daily. The study leads are keen to recruit more patients so, if you think you meet the guidelines, please do ask your oncologist about the Mediola Phase I/II Study for non BRCA patients. Please note, I am not able to put you in touch with the study leads under any circumstances. Instead please speak directly with your own oncologist. Thank you. I wish you all healing. xxx

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Why I’m Having a ‘Yes Fast’

I have always been a people pleaser and a yes sayer. Guided by a ‘what will they think?’ mentality I have often found myself doing (and agreeing to do) things that I later regret or wonder how the fuck I got myself into that situation in the first place.

You would think that following my cancer diagnosis this would have been one of the first mentalities to go – I mean I have done a shit ton of internal and spiritual work – but sadly this was not the case.

Instead, even when I was at my sickest and receiving chemo and awaiting major surgery, I found myself agreeing to be filmed in not one, but two(!) documentaries. Exciting? Yes. Exhausting and time consuming? Absofuckinglutely!

And this is just one example! I could give you at least a hundred more but I’m sure you get the idea or, at least, can relate.

I was reflecting on this recently and began to wonder whether I say yes to please others or, actually, because of the fear of missing out if I say no. So, to test this theory in a typical ‘all or nothing Fi approach to life’ I decided that for one month I would say yes…to everything! It was supposed to start the day after my fire walk as I was feeling bold and refreshed and I thought it would lead to new adventures, encounters and more.

However, instead, something unexpected happened. I found myself saying no – a lot. In fact even to things I wanted to say yes to. The complete opposite of what I had planned!!

Now, having spent many years as a ‘people pleaser’ and quite often as a ‘yes person’ this was an odd rebellion. It felt like a switch had been triggered and my sub-conscious had become so resistant to me being a yes person that it was directing me in the completely opposite direction.

I pondered this for several months and, in doing so, I began to really reflect on what I was saying yes to and who these people were I was trying to please.

I realised, like so many other things in life, that it is a societal illusion that we must please others and that, in reality, there is no need – at all! -to please ‘them’ – whoever ‘they’ may be – but instead to honour only our own hearts, values and purpose. As a good friend of mine puts it “we are responsible only for our own happiness.” She also tells me that ‘they’ are usually assholes! She actually has a pretty kick ass website I recommend while we’re on the subject…

So, once again, I took an ‘all or nothing’ approach and decided to start a ‘yes fast’. That’s right, I made the decision to say no to everything.

In just the first week I turned down three press interviews, a research study and being filmed in a third documentary! And, miraculously, the world did not fall apart when I said no. Surprising I know…

Now, the ‘old me’ would have said yes to all of this, despite having just had 10 days in hospital and being very very sick, to please others and/or to not ‘miss out’. Instead I got to have valuable recovery time, focus on my health (in every sense of the word), spend quality time with my loved ones and truly honour my heart, soul and body in a way that felt right to me.

Over the following weeks I continued to say no and, in doing so, I leant three valuable lessons.

1. I now know what I want to say yes to. If the ‘thing’ in question uplifts me, inspires me, makes my heart sing or fills me with excitement and joy in that moment then it’s a yes. Lunch with a friend – yes. Day at the spa by myself – yes. Penguin auction – yes. Nap on the sofa – yes. And so on and so on.

And, on my better days when I have more spoons of energy, a press interview becomes a yes, but not at the expense of my health and absolutely not to please someone else.

2. I also learnt how to say no. Now this may seem like a really simple thing to do, and on paper it certainly seems that way. However, how many times have you said yes when your heart and soul were screaming no but you didn’t know how to say it because you were worried you would a. Let someone down; b. Hurt someone’s feelings; c. Lower someone’s opinion of you….or any other number of reasons?

However, saying no is actually really easy. Here are a few examples:

  • Let me get back to you.
  • This gives you time to think about whether or not you want to do something without rushing into an automatic yes mentality.
  • • Thank you so much for asking but that won’t work for me just now.

    You aren’t saying it will always be no, but just that it is no for now. This has been great for me while I’ve been needing time to heal – I’m not saying ‘never’, I’m saying ‘not now’.

    • Yes, but can we do it this way?

    Maybe the date, location, timings, activity (etc) don’t work but you still want to say yes. For example, a friend might ask me to meet for dinner. My energy levels are best during the day so I might say ‘I’d love to meet but is there a lunch time that works for you?’

    • Just say ‘no, thank you’.

    Sometimes the answer is just simply ‘no’. And, if done in a kind way, it doesn’t need an explanation. A simple ‘thank you’ is more than enough.

    3. I’ve learnt that saying ‘no’ doesn’t cause you to miss out. In fact, when you say ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do you free up physical and emotional space to say ‘yes’ to things you do want to do – and that’s way more fun!

    Learning how to say no has been one of the most empowering changes I’ve made in my life. I’m finally putting my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being first and, more importantly, I’ve given myself permission to honour and respect myself enough to be completely authentic in my choices. This, of course, is scary and raw and exciting all at the same time because, as hard as we try, I think, in reality, we always hold a bit of ourselves back to protect ourselves and others. But when we finally step into our true selves and start to say ‘yes’ to who we really are and ‘no’ to who other people think thinks we are, wonderful things start to happen.

    Also, when we start to say no because we value and honour ourselves, we give others the permission to do the same – and then everyone’s happier!

    I wonder if any of you lovelies have ever done a ‘yes fast’? Or maybe you did a ‘say yes to everything’ month? Or can you relate to trying to please others?

    I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections.

    Above all, I hope this article inspires you to start saying ‘yes’ to what makes your heart sing and ‘no’ to everything else.

    Love and light, Fi xx

    I am posting regular, daily updates about my treatment and journey on Facebook and Instagram.

    Please come and say hi!xxx

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    When Cancer Plays a ‘Dick Move’

    So, in the words of a good friend of mine, cancer has played a ‘dick move’ and surprised me with new disease right across my pelvis.

    Needless to say this was not the news I was expecting 😭

    I’ve had nearly two months of daily nausea and frequent projectile vomiting which led to a hospital admission in France. Due to this my incredible oncology team in Scotland have been doing various tests to uncover the cause. As well as abdomen, chest and pelvic CTs I’ve also had a head CT and various blood tests. Everything kept coming back clear and I was beginning to feel like I was losing my mind.

    Then, last week on my pregnancy yoga training, I started to experience excruciating pain in my left hand side. Initial scans suggested an abscess. However, when it was drained it showed no sign of infection but instead the fluid was high in white blood cells.

    When the scans and the fluid results were reviewed together it was confirmed that I have new disease that has spread right across my pelvis (it was previously thought to be a large pocket of fluid).

    I am devastated…switching from numb to angry to terrified.

    There are two options:-

    1. I can have surgery to remove it. The operation would be major and extensive. This would delay any treatment until I am completely healed. This delay could potentially cause the cancer to return to my lungs.

    2. I can start immunotherapy next week and hope it shrinks this disease.

    As surgery is a huge risk I have decided to go ahead with immunotherapy and if it doesn’t work to review surgery at a later date.

    I’m shaken by the news as it’s not what I was expecting. I feel weak; nauseous; exhausted and fragile and I’ll need some time to process all of this.

    Thank you all once again for holding me on my journey.

    Also a HUGE thanks again to everyone who donated to my Avastin fund so that I could make it this far and actually start immunotherapy. You have literally changed my life and I am forever grateful for your generosity, kindness and support 💜💖 thank you!xxx

    #cancer #stagefourcancer #dickmove #ovariancancer #immunotherapy #surgery #canceryoufucker #stillhere #feelingthefeels #emotional #itsoknottobeok #yougotthis #yougotthisbabygirl #yougotthisgirl

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    Immunotherapy Trial Screening

    BIG UPDATE!…today, after months/years of waiting, I am finally being screened for my suitability for immunotherapy!! Since early on in diagnosis I have been interested in immunotherapy as a treatment option over chemo. From day 1 I believed that our immune system, or lack there of, is an essential factor in determining whether or not we get cancer. I couldn’t, therefore, get my head around why standard treatment involved therapies that reduced our immune system further. As a result I couldn’t accept the notion of chemotherapy as a suitable treatment for me. Despite this, when I was diagnosed in Jan 2016 with stage 4 ovarian cancer (aged just 30) I begrudgingly accepted chemo as my ‘only option’. The side affects were brutal. So, when my cancer returned in Dec 2017 I made the controversial decision to forgo chemo and continue my holistic approach alongside the, privately sourced, maintenance drug Avastin. This cost a massive £2000+ every 3 weeks and I was only able to access it through the incredibly generous donations of all of you. THANK YOU! The hope had been that this would buy me time to still have a level of health that would enable me to potentially go on an immunotherapy trial, should one that I was eligible for become available. Well that day has arrived!! ‘On paper’ I appear eligible for a new trial!! Today I will undergo a number of tests to see if I am clinical suitable. I will then find out the results in 1-2 weeks. This is an incredibly exciting point in my journey and I literally could not sleep last night! The trial, of course, has risks and I am in no way delusional about how serious some of them are but I just ‘know’ that this is the right path for me. It is the moment I’ve been waiting for – a moment I thought may never come – and sometimes we have to take risks when something matters this much to us. After all, isn’t life about the scary, exciting and unknown future that has yet to unfold?! 💜 last night I found myself sobbing with gratitude for everyone who donated to help me receive Avastin; to my loved ones; to my medical team; to research; and, above all, for life. My next chapter is about to begin… #immunotherapy #cancer #fimunro

    Please note – suitability for a trial is not just a simple case of having a type of cancer (ie ovarian cancer). It is about that grade your cancer is, what stage it is, what your performance factor is, your genetic composition, when you last had treatment and what that treatment was, your blood results, the size and spread of your tumours, what treatment they have responded to in the past…and so much more!

    I know, first hand, how frustrating it can be to see someone else with ‘the same’ diagnosis as you get treatment that you can’t. I’ve felt the pain of my BRCA ovarian sisters getting drugs that prolonged their life that I couldn’t get because I am not BRCA positive.

    This is the main reason why I know I must try to get on this trial – not for me but so that one day, if this drug is affective, it will be available for more women and more people will get longer with their sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, wives, girlfriends, cousins, friends, grandmothers…

    Together we are stronger 💜

    Target Ovarian Cancer

    Ovarian Cancer Action

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    Introducing Ozzy

    So the Munro household has a new addition moving in soon…meet ‘Ozzy’…named after my favourite place in the world ‘Ossian Hall’ at the Hermitage in Dunkeld…the name also means ‘Devine Power’….although if you ask hubby, he’ll tell you he is named after Ozzy Osborn 🤦🏼‍♀️

    I am beyond excited to welcome this bundle of joy into our home soon and I’m so grateful to the wonderful people who bred him and cared for him so well. He is a gem 🐶💜😍

    We had our first meeting this afternoon… he is 4 months old today.

    He’s half poodle.. one quarter Bichon Frise and one quarter Cavalier.. and 100% cuteness 💜

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    My RAOK Continue

    Just stopping by quickly to say that I am still delivering my random acts of kindness! I have done only a few over the past couple of months (and forgotten to blog about them 🙈) but today I delivered four! Number one went to our London air bnb host – a wonderful, beautiful soul who just this week discovered they had a tumour. I remember the feeling well from my own diagnosis 2.5 years ago; the ‘new normal’ as you adjust to a situation you thought happened to ‘other people’. Actually I’d already decided I was going to leave him a random act of kindness before he revealed his news but sharing our stories cemented my plan and I left the envelope containing £20 in his bathroom.

    Then, as we left the apartment I took the other three envelopes I was carrying (each also containing £20) and slipped them into random letter boxes belonging to his neighbours – I used my intuition to select no 3, 13 and 18. The trill of these random acts still fills me with so much joy as I imagine the recipient’s response to a random cash surprise 💖 after we left we went to kingscross to make our way back home and my hubby stopped at @pretamangeruk for a coffee which the barista gave to him for FREE!…it turns out Pret do random acts of kindness too! I love me some kindness ripples! 💜🌈🙌🏼 for those of you who don’t know why I hand out envelopes containing £20…it’s because following my surgery for stage four ovarian cancer in 2016 my friends and family raised £500 for me to treat myself…instead I’ve been handing the money out to strangers in a bid to make the world a little bit smilier. The pot of money keeps growing through donations and I keep on handing out the envelopes. It’s been AMAZING!…with so many wonderful stories and ripples…check out for more. #kindness #raok #randomactaofkindess #bekind #fimunro #london #cancer #kindesscures #kindess #kind #passiton #love #makethedaygood

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    French Hospital

    So, hubby and I escaped to the south of France for a rest for two weeks – which reminds me, I will write a blog post soon about how I travel super cheap and tips for traveling with cancer. We are currently traveling home by train after what can only be described as an ‘eventful’ trip!

    The two day train journey involved me sitting on various train toilet floors as I constantly vomited; by the time we arrived in France I was weak and dehydrated, unable to even keep water down. Unsurprisingly I ended up in hospital on the third day after I fell asleep (passed out) with my head down a toilet – what can I say, I’m super classy! 😂

    Hospital in France was ‘intersting’ with them not allowing my hubby to be with me for the first 6 hours; them striping me topless in a room with about 25 other people so they could do an ECG; them hooking up fluids and forgetting to start them – then when they did start them, forgetting to change the bag which resulted in my blood running back into the bag 😂🙈 I laugh now but it wasn’t fun at the time. The hardest part was getting them to understand my diagnosis – they couldn’t understand that I have late stage cancer because of how well I look 🤦🏼‍♀️ Blood tests showed that I had an infection and, with the help of antibiotics, I was soon feeling better again.

    After that adventure we had a lovely holiday of sunshine, beaches, lots of walking and eating my weight in fish! Delicious! The picture is taken by my hubby on an island off the coast of Marseille.

    I am still very tired from being so poorly and, due to the crazy heat wave in France during our trip (40+deg during day and 35+deg overnight) my body is still recovering.

    I will be properly back online next week, when I will reply to the many messages I’ve received, but I will be quieter than usual as I regain my strength.

    For those of you who missed out on a place on my August event, I plan to run TWO events in September. Dates to be confirmed 💜

    Love and light, Fi xxx

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    New Event Date Added

    **This will be the second time that I run this event after the huge success of the first event in July!**

    Are you feeling burnt out? Overworked? Exhausted? Deflated? Stressed?

    Are you facing a major transition in your life?

    Are you seeking a life that aligns with your soul’s purpose?

    If you answered yes to any of the above then you are in the right place!

    Who Am I?

    I am Fi Munro (PhD) and I have been where you are.

    I used to always be busy, stressed and trying to please everyone. That is, until I got sick…in January 2016 I was diagnosed with stage four cancer and since then I have dedicated my life to understanding everything I can about returning my mind, body and spirit back to wholeness. I now use my training* and personal experience to help others begin their life changing journeys too.

    Using my background as a PhD reseracher and my skills and training in reiki, yoga, crystal therapy, meditation and more, I now work as a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Mentor, here to guide you to live a life in accordance with your core values and deepest desires.

    Recent feedback from my ‘Journey Back to Wholeness Event”

    “Hi Fi, I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful day on Monday. It was a really lovely day and so nice of you to welcome us into your home.
    I know you wanted some feedback and I have been trying to think of anything helpful to say to you, however I think you pretty much nailed it! The activities were deep and helpful and flowed well from one to another but also with enough break time for reflection and integration. I hope you will do lots more as this work is so needed….Thank you so much for your time and the crystals and everything! I am glad to have found you and I will definitely be back for more of your workshops for me and my children too.”

    What Does the Day Look Like?

    Join me for a day long event were I will help you, alongside five other people, to move forward as you transcend any previous limits and tap into your higher purpose. Helping you to both discover and, more importantly, learn to love your true self, I will be on hand to guide and support you as you transition into the best version of yourself and begin your own personal journey back to wholeness.

    Using reiki, crystal therapy, intuitive mentoring, breathwork, meditation, sound baths and more you will take the first steps to let go of old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you as you learn how to help heal your mind, body and spirit.

    We will spend the morning together in a safe and welcoming space in my garden room where you will recieve the benefits of breath work; reiki; meditation and deep spiritual connections. As this event takes place in the days leading up to a full moon, we will also perform ‘full moon rituals’ to release that which no longer serves you during fire ceremonies in my tree filled garden. Then, I will support you to begin to take the steps needed to manifest the changes your heart and soul desire.

    You will then have the opportunity to enjoy lunch in my home or garden; you can chose to sit at a table under the trees; on a stone bench beside my pond; on a wooden bench amongst my roses or in my large country kitchen or garden room.

    After lunch we will move into my treatment room where you can enjoy a deep relaxing meditation and sound bath followed by a crystal healing.

    There are plenty of breaks and sharing circles throughout the day ensuring that you will leave feeling deeply refreshed, relaxed and, above all, supported.

    Please find more information about how I work on my website:


    What to Bring

    • Packed lunch and snacks

    • Water bottle

    • Blanket

    • Cushion

    • Notebook

    • Pen

    A Recent Client Testimony

    “Dearest Fi, I do not know how to convey what a wondrous experience I had with you. I had no idea what to expect – but you blew me away. I have had such a sense of calm all day since I saw you. A feeling of ‘all will be well’. So much I have learned from you. You are exceptionally talented – what did I look for – insight and perspective. Oh yes – and I got a lot more besides. I can’t thank you enough – you’re precious!!”

    2 hour ‘Love and Light Therapy’ Session, June 2018

    My Qualifications and Training

    • 2018 85hr Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (due for completion September 2018)

    • 2018 VISIONARY PRACTITIONER TRAINING YR 1 (due for completion 2019)

    • 2018 Cherish Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioner

    • 2018 Reiki Second Degree

    • 2017 Cherish Crystal Healing Level 1

    • 2017 Reiki First Degree

    • 2017 Hatha Raja Yoga

    • 2017 Little Greene Yoga Foundation Teacher Certification (Children’s Yoga)

    • 2015 Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training (not completed due to caver diagnosis)

    • 2011 PhD in Children’s Outdoor Play and Leaning

    • 2008 Bsc Hons

    What I Have Helped My Clients with Recently

    My clients come to me for a range of reasons, but usually because they have reached a point of transition in their life that has left them feeling unfulfilled, uninspired or trapped.

    Some recent examples of reasons clients have found me are listed below:

    • Feelings of depression

    • Feeling anxious

    • Feeling unfulfilled in their career

    • Exhaustion

    • Stress

    • Feeling like a victim in their own lives

    • Trouble moving forward in their lives

    • Feeling unable to align their life with their dreams

    • Struggling to maintain healthy boundaries

    • Fells of being burnt out

    • Seeking a more meaningful life

    • Adjusting to life after a breakup

    • Adjusting to life after an illness

    • Relationship problems

    • Trouble sleeping

    • Support through cancer treatment

    • Self-doubt

    • Problems that are repeating themselves over and over again

    I look forward to welcoming you.


    Love and light, Fi xx