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When you step up and start to live like you are dying you are able to discover your soul’s purpose and start enjoying your life.

If you are looking for inspiration to live a connected, joyful and compassionate life, welcome home.

Fi Munro 2018

Living like you are dying is about embracing the fact that we all have only one life and making the choice to start truly living. Living for today allows you to discover what really matters. Through embracing the now, and focusing on what brings you joy and makes your heart sing, you can create a life with less stress, less pressure, less drama and more health, more love, more laughter.

If you are overwhelmed, under pressure and in a constant state of dis-ease, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve worked too hard, spent too much, punished my body, mind and spirit and all in the pursuit of ‘success’. I spent most of my adult life exhausted, stressed and sick. I was a big believer that I would be happy when…. When I earned a certain amount, when I owned a certain object, when I had a certain house. I was always chasing a fantasy, and ever illusive, state of happiness. Things have changed a lot for me since then and now I realise that chasing future happiness is utter bullshit! Instead it is about choosing to be happy today!

I’m Fi Munro, Ph.D. and I started this award winning blog and wrote my book ‘How Long Have I Got?’ to share my story and help you to discover what happens when you start living for today. I’ve been making both big and small changes to enable me to live my life in the now with the aim of making today good. I am a best selling author and award wining researcher. I love (and teach) yoga and meditation, connecting with like minded people, reading, cooking and walking in the woods with my dog Ozzy. I also love to travel, swim in the sea and laugh with my incredible husband, Ewan.

In January 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage Four B Ovarian Cancer. I was just 30 years old. While my diagnosis doesn’t define me or this blog, it has undoubtedly had a huge impact on my life, waking me up to the fact I became more alive in the days, months and years after being told I was terminal. Now I use this insight to share the lessons a life changing diagnosis delivers. The past few years have been an incredible journey of love, health, and connection. I’m so grateful to be on this path and connect with you all. I know it is my soul’s purpose.

Living like you are dying means: Embrace today. Live for the moment. Stop worrying about the future. Focus on today. Laugh more. Take the risks. Follow your dreams. Be unashamedly you. Make the day good. Living my life in this way allowed me to leave my corporate research job within the NHS and Scottish Government, to retrain as a yoga teacher, launch my own business and publish my books. I have never felt happier or more alive than I do today.

My cancer diagnosis saved my life.

I hope that the lessons and insight that I share will save yours too.


I have created a thriving community of people who crave the joy of living for today. Connect here:

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My story was featured in two BBC documentaries – ‘A Time to Live’ and ‘My Digital Death’ and in a BBC Social feature.

While I never recommend anything that I don’t use and love myself, I am an affiliate for some products and services and may be compensated if you purchase them. Your trust means everything to me, and I’ll never compromise that or suggest something that I don’t love and use myself.

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let the adventure begin,

Fi xx


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‘Fi brings her distinctive voice and perpetual positivity to this wonderful book. Fi and Target Ovarian Cancer share a goal of raising awareness of ovarian cancer, yes – but more than that, of showing the world that you can live a full life after a diagnosis. She is an incredible, inspirational member of a wonderful community and I am full of admiration for all that she does.’ – Annwen Jones, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer

‘Fi made a choice to take a leap and live in  her heart.  Her heart centred wisdom, coupled with her fastidious approach to research makes the very best combination. Fi’s book is a generous, hearted and beautiful gift for human kind.’ – Dr Kate James, Integrated Medicine Doctor