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Fi Munro (PhD) is a multi award winning researcher, author and public speaker recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on her journey and holistic health. She has been featured in two BBC documentaries, in countless radio shows, and in newspaper and magazine articles across the globe.

In January 2016 she was diagnosed with non-genetic, stage four ovarian cancer. Taking her life in her hands she decided to share her story publicly in the hope that it would bring positivity and courage to fellow cancer warriors and the people who love and care for them. Eighteen months after she started writing her blog ( it had over 100,000 followers from around the world. She has been featured in two TV documentaries, in countless TV and radio shows, in newspaper and magazine articles and has been interviewed by reporters from across the globe with the intent of sharing her positivity with others facing adversity.



Since her diagnosis Fi has personally raised, and inspired others to raise, thousands of pounds for various charities by sharing her story. As a blogger and campaigner, she strives to improve awareness of ovarian cancer – the ‘silent killer’ – so that other women will recognise its subtle symptoms and seek an early diagnosis.

She exudes her very own brand of ‘love and light’ in all that she does and it touches a great many people across the globe. Using her tenacity and zest for life, she inspires others to live a positive and grateful life. Her random acts of kindness have had a profound effect on both her and the strangers she encounters, often encouraging them to do extraordinary things too; for example two strangers did a bungee jump in Fi’s name, raising over £4000 for charity.

Fi proudly declares that she is grateful for her cancer, giving thanks for the insight it has given her into the importance of living a life full of joy, love and deep healing.

She is fuelled by positivity and the importance of maintaining a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health, valuing time in nature, yoga and eating the right food as three of the most important parts of any holistic treatment plan.

She also writes regular blogs about thriving with stage four Ovarian Cancer for Ovarian Cancer ActionHuffingtonpost and others.

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