A Brief Introduction

Fi Munro HeadshotFi Munro (PhD), is an international best selling selling author, a multi award winning researcher, blogger and public speaker recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on holistic health and the importance of self-care. Passionate about what restores people to a state of wholeness and optimal health – in addition to what predisposes them to physical, emotional and spiritual ‘dis-ease’ – she uses her previous background as a doctoral researcher working for the NHS and Scottish Government, alongside her personal experience of returning to health following a stage four cancer diagnosis and her training in yoga, crystal therapy, meditation, reiki and other therapies to write books and articles and run events to help others on their own journey back to wholeness through self-care, love and kindness.

She is most passionate about helping women to shed the societal driven pursuit of the ever illusive ‘perfection’, in favour of recognising that they are already perfect, just as they are.

She has been featured in two BBC documentaries, in countless radio shows, and in newspaper and magazine articles across the globe.

She blogs at fkmunro.com and Huffpost and posts regularly on facebook, instagram and twitter.

0A9E74BB-96BB-4921-AA25-495E03C690C2My Journey Back to Wholeness…

By society’s standards, my life before my own journey back to wholeness was great. Ambitious from a young age, I had completed my PhD in my mid twenties and had dedicated my working life since to a career as a researcher, working for several NHS Boards as well as the Scottish Government. My passion for improving the healthcare system and promoting holistic health and wellbeing motivated me to juggle a 140 mile daily commute, a full time job, volunteering and part-time study to train as a psychotherapist. While, in my ‘spare time’ I trained for London Marathon.

To say I was putting myself under unnecessary pressure would be the ultimate understatement but I didn’t see that. To look at me I was the vision of impeccable health. I exercised daily, I ate healthily, I never smoked and I very rarely drank and never in excess. I thought I was happy and society encouraged this. A day didn’t pass where I wasn’t rewarded with comments of praise and admiration for juggling life and spinning every plate imaginable. Well-meaning phrases like ‘I don’t know how you do it. It’s incredible’ became the norm for me and I felt encouraged to do more, to push more, to keep trying harder at all costs.

Yet, somehow, I still found myself facing a death sentence at just the age of 30 when, in January 2016, I was diagnosed with stage four, non-genetic ovarian cancer.

Suddenly, everything I had identified as ‘me’ came to a stand still. It was the ultimate wake up call from the universe that something was wrong with the ‘perfect’ life I and been in such desperate pursuit of.

From that moment forward I dedicated my time to understanding everything I could about what predisposes people to physical, emotional and spiritual ‘dis-ease’. The more I researched, the more I uncovered about the possible causes of cancer and other modern diseases. I began to realise that whilst I appeared ‘healthy’ there was still much repairing to be done to remove the life-sucking physical, emotional and spiritual ‘crap’ I’d accumulated over the years.

Guided by my instinct, I began to make changes. Not a single stone was left unturned as I examined every aspect of my life, dedicating my time to my self-care, health and recovery. I gave myself space and permission to work through the trauma of living in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with my ex fiancé; I began to love my body for the incredible things it can do, rather than judging it for how I thought it should look; I stopped living my life for others and started to align it with my own values; I honoured my boundaries and learnt that ‘no’ is a complete and powerful sentence. Above all, I met and gave myself permission to love the real me – it turns out that she’s a badass warrior!

And do you know what? Wonderful things started to happen. Against all odds, I started to recover.

Today, thanks to my holistic approach to health and self-care, I am not just living with stage four cancer, I am THRIVING as I embrace a wonderful, joy filled life that honours my values and aligns with my soul’s purpose.

I hope my story will inspire you to do the same.

Fi x

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