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Find Your Joy

I’ve been having a lot of pain in my right shoulder, ribs and the right side of my chest over the past few days…It’s made me a bit grumpy and extremely anxious!…despite knowing that my last scan was clear the anxiety never goes away completely.

This morning I gave myself a pep talk and reminded myself that if I’m still breathing then there is more right with me than wrong with me and I should keep focusing on what I *can* do rather than what I *can’t*. I reminded myself that all of our bodies are inherently healthy and they want to survive and mopping and worrying isn’t helping my body to heal. Instead I knew that doing what gives me joy is the best thing for my body, mind and spirit!

So before the sun had even risen to greet the new day, I pulled on my running shoes, covered my messy ‘bed hair’ with one of my old chemo head scarfs (nice they have a more@positive use now!) and went for a freezing cold run through our local fields and woodlands.

It was an honour to witness the sun rising over the hills. Today is a good day to be alive! No matter how you feel, there is always opportunity to follow your heart and find your joy.

In the words of my dear friend Ali who passed away this year “make the day good”. Go and find your joy!

Love and light, Fi xx



I am Fi Munro – ‘Health Blogger of the Year 2017’; Scottish Fundraiser of the Year 2016; award winning PhD researcher and author of “Love, Light and Mermaid Tails”.

In January 2016, aged just 30 years old, I was diagnosed with non-genetic stage four ovarian cancer.

In August 2016 I was told that my cancer was in remission. Just seven months after being told I had stage four, inoperable cancer I was completely free of the disease. I wasn’t living with cancer anymore. I was surviving and I was THRIVING!

My site is a guide for everyone, not just those with cancer, who wants to embrace a healthier and self-caring approach to their life. It explores how you too can embrace a life with complete physical, mental and emotional health. May it bring you hope, peace and, above all, joy.

Love and light to all xxx


Love, Light and Mermaid Tails” by Fi Munro (PhD) is available to buy now worldwide on Amazon in paperback and for kindle.

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7 thoughts on “Find Your Joy”

  1. Wow I needed your words of encouragement today. Anxiety is high right now as I near my one year post chemo appointment. Every small ache causes me to panic. All tests have been excellent yet panic always seems to get the better of me. Thank you for posting today.

  2. Fi you are a joy. My husband died suddenly on the 7th Dec and my daughter had a heart attack three days later but thankfully survived. Your attitude ti life is inspired and i hope you feel better soon

  3. Thinking of you Fi. You are just having a moment, and you did the right thing….found your joy. I hope you enjoyed your run in this cold weather. As always I send my healing love and light to you…..you lovely lady. Any anxiety…this will pass xxx

  4. You’re an amazing human being – stay strong – it’s hard – remember the inspiration you are to me (a complete stranger) and others xxx

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