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RAOK – Paying it Forward 


I delivered another Random Act of Kindness today. It is honestly still my favourite thing to do! This one was extra special though as it came from someone else…

Despite the fact that I am meant to be resting I needed to go and order new glasses as I broke mine teaching kids yoga. Yes I know, if I’d been resting they wouldn’t have got broken…blah blah…

Anyway…I used to work in my local opticians so I let them know I’d be popping by. One of the women that works there reads my Facebook (**waves**) and so she dropped me a message to tell me to say hi when I was in.

This I did and I’m so glad! She is without doubt one of the loveliest souls I’ve ever met. No I’m not just saying that because she will read this! She welcomed me with a warm and enthusiastic hug like no other and then surprised me by giving me a ‘random act of kindess’ envelope with money inside and asked me to ‘pass it on’.

I was so touched! I love when other people join in!

Leaving the shop I was still smiling when I went to buy some ‘jeggings’ – I hate that word but basically I need jeans with legging tops now I have a colostomy bag…anyway I’m going off topic (again!)

So I was trying them on and while doing so I could hear two friends chatting through the curtain of the cubicle next to me.

Their utter joy and laughter was infectious! From their ensthusiastic batter I gathered that one was helping the other buy a selection of clothes for various up coming events. What struck me was their passion. The one trying on the clothes was so unashamedly grateful for her friend’s help. Lsughing loudly she kept thanking her and declaring that she had ‘never looked so good’ and ‘couldn’t wait to show people’. The whole dialogue screamed LOVE!

I was really touched and knew straight away that I’d have to give them the envelope I’d just been passed moments before.

As I left I slipped the envelope into one of their hands and was met with the usual look of confusion and a mumbled ‘thankyou’ which, when combined, always translates  as ‘who the f*ck is this crazy woman handing me an envelope’.

As ever, it gave me so much joy and I hope the ladies got as much out of it as I did. I just love being able to pass on acts of kindness in this way.

So, tell your friends you love them;  be unashamedly you; and scatter kindness around wherever you go!

Oh and always remember you are beautiful!

Love and light, Fi xxx


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Author: Fi Munro

I am a 31 year old woman diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. I blog about my cancer journey and the importance of maintaining holistic physical, emotional and spiritual health. I also talk about the importance of eating the right food...a lot! Get in touch on twitter: @fkmunro

4 thoughts on “RAOK – Paying it Forward 

  1. I had a random act of kindness today
    When I had my first chemo I met a woman called Dawn having her chemo to. We have bumped into each other at Maggies, waiting for appointment greeting each other with a hug.
    For my last treatment today we by chance were sat next to each other day. I am there for 8 hours, Dawn there for 4 we laughed, chatted swapped stories and she finished her treatment and went. Then about 20 minutes later she returned and bought me flowers and said what a lovely lady I was. She is such a special lady
    So I will pay it forward
    Thanks for your blog

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  2. Oh I love this!!xxx


  3. Thank you for creating this amazing blog Fi!
    I saw it a few days before A Time To Live, my mum also has ovarian cancer and she had gone into hospital for a coupls of days so I was feeling pretty low and was looking for those stereotypical ‘uplifting happy blogs’ but I found a lot more than that. I read as much as I could with 5% on my iPad, and then I saw you on A Time To Live and came back to here. You are really an amazing person, my friends at school don’t really understand if I feel upset or anything (I think we have the least mature group in Year 7) so when I come and read this before bed I feel like someone not only understands, but deals with far more than me everyday and still does so much for the rest of the world. I’m also trying to learn some yoga thanks to you! I’ve been meaning to since January because I started figure skating and my flexibility is abismal but I never properly thought about it until now. One more time, thank you so, so much and I’ll definitely be back when I need cheering up ^^

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  4. Hi holly thank you for your amazing message. This was so lovely to wake up to. How are you? How is your mum? Love and light xxx

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