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Kindness Needn’t Cost a Thing


So there I was sitting in my favourite cafe enjoying a quick lunch whilst editing my book. Across from me was a woman and her two little boys. One was sat opposite her whilst the other, ‘shiny new’ [I have since discovered he is 3 weeks old] was sleeping soundly in his car seat. Their soft, loving ‘chatter’ was the perfect ‘background noise’ for my writing.

Suddenly ‘I need a poo’ broke the calm as the little boy voiced his urgent concern. I recoognised the look in the woman’s face. ‘How am I going to get all of this stuff, including your little brother to the toilet with you in time?’ came her silent tormoil. However, calmly she began to lift all her belongings, including the ‘shiny new’ baby brother.

‘Would you like me to watch your baby?’ I asked, wholeheartedly sympathising with this gentle soul.

Her relief was clearly evident.

‘Would you mind?’ She asked.

‘Not at all!’ I exclaimed. I’d had similar struggles trying to get all my luggage to a toilet in time(!) I couldn’t begin to image what it would be like with another tiny human in tow.

She introduced her beautiful, thankfully sleeping, baby to me as Andrew and slipped off to the loo with her other little boy.

Now, never in all my days have I so desperately willed a baby to stay asleep! Watching a stranger’s baby for two minutes is one thing but having to comfort said baby would have been beyond my means!

Thankfully ‘baby Andrew’ obliged and his mum was back without a single stir from him.

We exchanged some small chat, through which I sensed what a wonderful woman she was and the struggle it can be to get a toddler and a new baby out for the day – a struggle I’ve seen so many of my friends experience. Don’t get me wrong, this woman never complained, she merely discussed her day.

I continued with my writing and she continued to eat her lunch whilst amusing her toddler with a game of ‘4×4’. Every word she spoke was gentle and kind. This softness was mirrored in her little boy whose heartfelt ‘thank you’ at his mum buy him ice cream was adorable.

Their exchanges touched me. Here was a woman who had clearly given birth only weeks before, she was likely stressed and sleep deprived yet her son captivated her attention. I am sure that the little boy had no doubt that he was his mum’s ‘whole world’. It was admirable.

When I went to the till to pay my bill I asked to pay for theirs too. I didn’t give them one of my usual random Act of Kindness envelopes. Instead I did this silently and slipped out of the cafe without a word.

There was something even more magical about doing the act anonymously. It felt entirely selfish of course – afterall I get so much joy from doing acts of kindness and I had felt honoured to have witnessed such a loving family.

Perhaps we can all learn to give the people we are spending time with our undivided attention. It costs nothing to make someone feel like they are out ‘whole world’ as this lady had done with her little boys.

Also, of course, we should realise that kindness needn’t cost a penny. Sometimes the simple act of recognising when another soul is in need of help and reaching out is all that is needed. Sometimes even just a smile is enough.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Love, light and healing, Fi xxx 


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Author: Fi Munro

I am a 31 year old woman diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. I blog about my cancer journey and the importance of maintaining holistic physical, emotional and spiritual health. I also talk about the importance of eating the right food...a lot! Get in touch on twitter: @fkmunro

5 thoughts on “Kindness Needn’t Cost a Thing

  1. Hi, Fi! For some reason, some time has passed since I last read your blog. You are such an inspiration with your kindness envelopes. I love the idea! I completed chemo treatment for ovarian cancer 8/18/16 and had two clean scans. My third visit shows my CA125 increased by two points. Minimal, but my marker was only 118 at diagnosis. I’m terrified inside and can’t seem to articulate to anyone how it feels. Thank you for spreading your love, knowledge, and wings to the world. It means the world to me! Much love, peace and light to you! ~Karen

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  2. Hi Karen do you go in my Facebook page? | my markers are rising too but it hasn’t dimmed my light. Stay strong xcc


  3. Again…great moving story Fi. That mother will never forget that. Little things can mean so lot to people. I love these random acts of kindness. Just watched the BBC 2 documentary. Moving and uplifting. Sending much love and hugs xxxx ❤

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  4. Love and hugs. Are you well?xx


  5. I’m trying to improve my disposition every few days by thanking people for their service each time I visit a store or shop. Karen yes it is scary each time you see those numbers rise. Mine have risen 7.3 since Feb. Hopefully it is your body adjusting post chemo. I have had two bouts with stomach bugs and now I have a cold. I go in June and hope they have leveled out by then. Prayers to you and Fi. Fi thanks for your light! Reading your posts revs my soul. Jody

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