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RAOK Christmas Day 5 – Surprise ‘Princess’ Visit to Children’s Hospital Wards

So, as many of you know, since my diagnosis with cancer I’ve been handing out random acts of kindness enevelopes (each with £5, £10 or £20 inside) in a bid to make the world a happier place. 

Now it’s December I made a pledge to hand out one of my ‘random act of kindess’ envelopes each day until Christmas AND I also created a kindness advent calendar so that others could get involved too!

Today was DAY 5 in the calendar which is ‘donate to a children’s ward’ and that’s exactly what we did – and then some!

A few weeks ago I saw a video of some lovely students in America who dress as princesses and visit children in hospital and I thought ‘hey I’d love to do something like that’. So I put a post on Facebook and was inundated with offers of support…in fact within hours there was a Facebook group created with over 50 people wanting to get involved!

Days later and we had approval from a local hospital that we could visit children in Tayside receiving cancer treatment…

So today, with the help of some amazing people, Aurora, Tinkerbell, Merida and many others including, of course, Elsa and Anna visited children in the oncology and surgical wards at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee (I was tinkerbell!).

We got ready at Maggies Centre in Dundee and with the help of local makeup artists, a hairdresser and some borrowed costumes we were transformed into character. Everyone involved donated their time completely free of charge!

Then we gathered up all the hundreds of donated gifts and toys and made our way to the hospital. 

What followed was an absolutely amazing experience and completely humbling. These incredible children are going through cancer treatment and/or surgery and not once did they complain. Not once! Instead they were filled with love and laughter, playing and enjoying the moment. They are truely loving life! The pure joy in their faces as they met with their favourite characters was incredible! What an absolute privilege it was to share a moment in each of these beautiful children’s lives.
Many people ask me how I am so positive since my diagnosis with stage IV cancer and I’ve struggled to explain it but today these children completely embodied everything that I believe and hope that others with cancer can too:

  • Live in today (not tomorrow)
  • Play
  • Laugh
  • Don’t be a victim
  • Spread joy
  • Be you

It’s that simple. Yes cry when you are sad (everyone has those days!) but still BE YOU. Still have FUN and still do all the things you are able to do for as long as you can! Life is a joy and an honour – live it!

Once again I find myself so grateful for my cancer journey and all the good it has brought into my life. I feel so blessed to have been part of today and to have witnessed the kindness and love of so many people.

The world truely is a wonderful place and people, when given the opportunity, just want to be kind.

Love and light xxxx

As well as the many individuals who have supported this venture, here is a list of the incredible businesses who have donated their time, gifts or money to the cause:

  • Charlene’s Bespoke Bows and Cakes
  • Cambee Cosplay
  • Skills development Scotland
  • Skipton Building Society
  • Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association (SOHDA)
  • Perthformance
  • Tayside Action for Refugees – TAFR
  • House of Butterflies Make-up Artistry
  • Amanda Thomson Independent Phoenix Trader
  • Princess Presence
  • Campbell Ewen Gentlemen’s Hairdresser
  • The kilted barber
  • LS Hairdressing
  • Urban Disco
  • Blue Square Creative Services Wedoprint
  • Innes Rattray MUA
  • Fiona Whittet Makeup Artist

Thanks also to my Macmillan nurse and Maggie’s Centres for supporting this xxx


RAK Number One – what happened next

It’s been less than a week since my first Random Act of Kindness and it’s amazing how much has happened off the back of one little envelope.

To start with, one of the ladies managed to find me on Facebook and sent me a friend request. She had posted about receiving the envelope publically on her profile and so I knew who this ‘random request’ was from straight away! I was excited – how lovely that she had connected!

We exchanged some messages and I thought that was it – I’d made a new Facebook friend and she was happy. Success! However very quickly I realised it was much more than that…

By the following morning her original post had been shared over 500 times. It appears people love a happy story! 💕🦄  My blog was getting a lot of views – in fact over 16000 people have now visited the site – and I was being flooded by Twitter and Facebook messages from people telling me how touched they were by my act and my story. It was so much fun reading all of the messages – the kind of stuff that gives you a lovely warm fuzzy feeling.

During this all I connected with the other recipient and the three of us started talking. The ladies decided they wanted to raise money for Macmillan after seeing how much the chairs means to me. I assured them that they didn’t have to but they insisted. To my great surprise they then decided to do a bungee jump! Crazy and amazing in equal measures I know! They are doing this in just a few weeks to raise money for Macmillan Nurses. If you are able, please show them your support.

Now you would think that was more than enough, right? Well not for these ladies! They then went on to make three Random Act of Kindness envelopes of their own to pass on. This was far exceeding my greatest expectations! I’d just wanted to make them smile.

They have already delivered one of their envelopes and their chosen recipient decided to pay it forward too and donated the gift to Mary’s Meals, a local charity. Amazing!

Now, as if this wasn’t all  wonderful enough, it doesn’t stop there.

The three of us were then interviewed by a journalist for an online article and a full page article in a local newspaper about the act of kindness and my blog.

And it doesn’t stop there either! I’ve also been invited to talk on two radio stations AND to be featured in a national magazine. Wow! All this from giving two ladies a £20 random act of kindness.

Finally, a man I’ve never met who runs a local charity called United for All has donated hospitality for 8 at a Dundee United game as an auction prize for the charity ball my sister is organising. His reason? He was so touched by the random act of kindness he wanted to pay it forward too! So so wonderful!

Aren’t the ripples beautiful! I do love the butterfly effect.

I’m so excited that I get to keep giving out envelopes…I’ve got 22 left! Although there is, of course, no pressure on future recipients to do as these ladies have done – I’m just happy if I make someone smile and they maybe share my blog to help raise more awareness.

Love and light, Fi xxx