ovarian cancer

Love, light, kindness and the magical universe

So, many of you now know about my recent health update…my markers have risen and whilst I could have chosen to get down about the news I decided that life is for living…truely madly deeply LIVING and, with that in mind, I am far too busy having fun to waste any energy on feeling sorry for myself.

This post, however, isn’t about my health situation or even cancer for that matter…it is instead about my favourite topic…kindness!

I had another one of those wonderful moments that makes me grateful for the incredible universe I find myself  in and the wonderful way in which it works.

I’ll get to the point….

On Sunday I was meant to be at a day long yoga event. Tiredness and listening to the signals of my body, however, led me to retract my place in favour of some time at home. My hubby was taking my car to the garage to get my tyres changed and asked me to come along. I contemplated staying at home but he insisted, explaining that I would just be sitting in the car. Agreeing I went along for the journey.
However, the garage had a delay and we were faced with an hour wait. Rather than ‘wasting’ the time, we decided to go out for lunch and found ourselves in a local cafe in Perth.

Whilst sitting there waiting for our food the people at the next table caught my eye. Something about the man at the table reminded me of my, much loved (and missed)  grandad. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Perhaps the glint in his eye, the way he spoke to the children at the table, the love he showed them. I got that feeling I get when I know I need to hand out one of my kindness envelopes.

I waited until we were leaving and then, nervously approaching the table, I handed the man one of my kindness envelopes. And then I forgot all about it. It was literally as if it had never happened. That is, until the man got in touch with a beautiful message.

Hi Fi

We met (or passed) briefly in Reid’s Café Perth this lunchtime when you left something very special on our table. I hope you had as much joy with your act as the profound affect it had on us. Truly inspirational.

When I get time I will read some more of your interesting and inspirational blog. From what I have read so far you have been through the very same experience my sister had 12 years ago and she is still going strong.

I wish you the very best for the future and thank you for the gift. By gift I mean the inspiration from the thoughtful act of random kindness which is truly infectious.

Now, I am sure you will realise the significance of these words. Here I was having recently been told that my cancer markers were rising, I’d just decided to stop further treatment and, as if by magic, I was having a conversation with someone who could offer me a beautiful message of hope. The universe was once again passing on the very words I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear them. It may seem crazy but this gave me the validation that my decision was the right one.
The wonder of this recipient didn’t end there. Oh no, this person is actually quite magical…

They are handing out their own kindness envelopes and spreading my message through what they affectionately refer to as the ‘kindness virus’ – I’m glad to see I picked someone with my sense of humour!

My first thought soon after I opened your envelope was to donate the money to charity but since then I have decided I would like to follow your example and spread joy, inspiration and hope like you. I will certainly donate to cancer research again and follow your lead with “Random Acts of Kindness” envelopes. With your permission I would also like to forward the one you left for me along with your card so that others might learn from your story.

He’s even written his own message for his kindness envelopes…

You are probably wondering why you received this gift from a stranger.

The same thing happened to me recently, the only difference was that the envelope also contained a card warning about the early signs of ovarian cancer.

The card also gave links to the website and Facebook page of someone who I later found out to be a truly inspirational person who is on a mission to spread awareness, inspiration, joy and kindness through her story, activities and quest to deliver “Random Act of Kindness” envelopes to strangers.

Her name is Fiona Munro and her website is fkmunro.com and her Facebook page is facebook.com/thefkmunroblog.

As well as the happiness and joy she experiences giving gifts to strangers I am sure she would love to hear if recipients have been touched by the kindness or are encouraged to spread the message of kindness through actions and/or gifts to strangers. 

I am anonymous because I am only a ripple in the pond where Fiona has cast her kindness stones.

Isn’t this magical?!
That night I went to see Prof Brian Cox give a talk in Edinburgh. Amongst his many mind blowing explorations of the universe he delved into the subject of mortality. ‘The world will one day cease to exist’ he explained. ‘The planet we love and call home is finite.’ ‘This doesn’t make me sad. Neither does the fact that I too am finite,’ he went on. ‘Rather it is this fact that encourages me to do more so that I can change the world and leave a legacy.’

I couldn’t have put it better myself!

So, thank you my dear latest kindness recipient for being part of my kindness legacy and pledging to keep it going.

Perhaps those of you reading this will be inspired to do the same too…

Love and light, Fi xxx

ovarian cancer

Random Act of Kindness – Number 6

This week I delivered my 6th random act of kindness envelope and I’m pleased to say that it still made me as smily and happy as the first one!

If you are new to my blog – When my loved ones raised £500 for my husband and I to treat ourselves following my operation we made the decision to use the money to do random acts of kindness for complete strangers…

We didn’t want to profit from my diagnosis and the idea of sharing the love and kindness given to us filled me with so much more happiness than spending it on something ever could.

So, I was in Pillars of Hercules, a local organic cafe, eating some lunch before doing my weekly shop. I love it there because I know the food is fresh, organic, gluten free and vegan! Not to mention it tastes incredible! Anyway, I digress…

It was the first time I’d managed to venture out since my recent chemo and after days of feeling horrendous it was nice to feel part of the world again.

I was sitting alone, reading and eating my lunch when a family sat at the table next to me. It’s a cozy cafe so they were literally inches from me. The family was, I’m guessing, a mother and three daughters, two of whom were a lot younger than the third. That obviously doesn’t really matter but I’m just trying to give you a mental picture 💙 Anyway, what struck me about them was their energy. They just seemed to spark off of each other and their whole time in the cafe, from ordering their food at the counter to interacting with the waitress at their table to eating their meal, was filled with joy and laughter. I just couldn’t help but smile to myself as I sat alone next to them, their joy clearly rubbing off on me and all those around them. The two youngest girls giggled as they ate chocolate cake and drunk hot chocolate before eating their lunch and my ‘inner 6 year old’ was amused by this simple joy and zest for life.

I decided that I wanted to give them an envelope, but this time I did something I hadn’t done before. This time I wrote on the envelope why I had chosen them, stating:

Your family has a beautiful energy 💚

Then, once I’d finished my lunch I passed the enevelope to the mum and quickly headed to the shop to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables.

I’m not going to lie, it always feels a bit weird and nerve wracking handing a stranger an envelope and walking away.

However, something wonderful happened next…

The mum and eldest daughter came and found me in the shop…and gave me the warmest hugs! We chatted about the envelope and why I hand them out and we even exchanged some happy tears as we hugged again and again. It was beautiful and I knew in my heart that I’d picked a very special family.

The girl said that she wanted to do something in return and I explained that she didn’t need to, that I just want to make people smile and remind them that their is still love and kindness in the world. Instead, I suggested that she ‘pay it forward’. She agreed that she would and, do you know what, I really think she will do something special. The energy and joy in her eyes as she chatted with me and hugged me was beautiful. She strikes me as a very special lady.

This is why I hand out envelopes. To witness the pure joy in people’s eyes when they realise that there is kindness in the world is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever experienced.

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am that I still have 19 envelopes left!

May the ripples of love and kindness continue.

Love and light, Fi xxx