World Cancer Day…

Happy World Cancer Day!!


Today, more than ever, I am over flowing with love for the friends and family I have standing by my side cheering me on every step of the way. I know I have a long journey ahead of me to recovery but your messages and words of love and encouragement keep me going every single step of the way.

Last night two very special ladies did two of the most generous acts of love – with one cutting off her hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust and the other cutting of all of her hair in support of my first day of chemo. I am bursting with love for them both! xxx

This is on top of the messages I have received from loads of lovely ladies who are donating their hair at their next hair cut. This means millions to me! It was an easy decision for me – I’m loosing my hair anyway – but for these ladies it is an act of selfless love and that is what life is all about. The world needs more people like you xxxx

AND on top of that, thanks to all of your wonderful donations we have raised nearly £2555 for Macmillan Cancer Support AND with gift aid that equates to about £3200 which is insanely good and far beyond my wildest expectations!!!

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you for making this possible and supporting Macmillan Cancer Support as they have supported me and my family (and thousands like us!) xxx

If anyone else would like to donate (and remember every £1 helps so don’t feel you have to empty your bank account!) please do so here.

If you haven’t heard enough from me about cancer, or if you just miss the sound of my voice, then you can listen to me talking about my story here.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

love and light, Fi xx


Cutting all my hair off…

Well I said shortly after my diagnosis that I was going to cut all of my blonde hair off and donate it to the Little Princesses Trust and that’s exactly what I did tonight!




I also had it dyed pink and purple to raise money for Macmillan Nurses.


It could have been a really depressing night but thanks to my husband, family, Aoife – the wonderful owner of Craic N’Hair – and Angie B – my awesome photographer friend – it was a fun night full of laughter and happy memories.

Aoife had organised an awesome spread of food for my family to enjoy and Angie made sure the photos were taken in a relaxed and fun manner. I am so grateful for their care and support.

Each member of my family had a turn in cutting off some of my hair which I thought was great as it gave them a chance to be part of my journey.

In support of my endeavours my dad had his beard dyed purple and my mum had a purple streak put in her hair – aren’t they awesome!

I’m surprised to say I actually love my hair short and pink! I never thought I’d say that!…this is coming from the girl who ordinarily freaks out getting a trim at the hairdressers!

love and light, Fi xx