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Happy New Year

As 2016 comes to an end so many people are saying to me “you’ll be glad to see the back of this year”…but…in reality….it’s not been too bad a year.
Yes I got diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in January 2016 and had chemo and MASSIVE surgery but that doesn’t make it a bad year.

In fact, in many ways, it’s been the best year of my life.


I mean, if it wasn’t for my cancer diagnosis I would have missed so much awesome stuff!…

• I met so many amazing people

• I made new ‘cancer’ friends

• I learned how to love a little deeper

• I went on a cruise

• I did a shark dive

• I saw my first opera

• I met Nina Conti

• I got a gift from Bryan Adams

• I saw LOADS of comedy shows

• I fell more in love with my hubby

• I learned to love myself

• I stopped caring about body image

• I learned how to share my feelings

• I met INCREDIBLE medical staff

• I gained new respect for the NHS

• I won an award

• I spent more time with my family

• I learned how to relax and let go

• I learned that nothing is worth stress

• I reevaluated my priorities

• I strengthen my old friendships

• I made new friendships

• I learned kindness is the answer

• I started writing

• I realised that people are incredible

• I faced death and embraced life

• I started to really live for the moment

And so much more!!!…

You see, our life, our problems, our concerns…they all require perspective.

Gratitude, love and kindness are always an option to every situation.

You can be in the worst situation imaginable; you can be facing Death straight in the eye; but you still have a choice. You can still choose to have a good life, a happy life, a joyful life.

“You either get bitter or you get better”.

I chose to get better and it’s been AWESOME!

Thank you 2016 for the incredible lessons! I’m ready for 2017!…I hope it’s ready for me!

Happy New Year!
Love and light, Fi xxx

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Merry Christmas

At this time of year as we spend time with our loved ones, take a moment to remind yourself how blessed you are to have them beside you.

Raise your glass to those whose only wish this Christmas is for a healthy new year and for the wonderful medical teams working throughout the holidays to ensure loved ones are with their families this Christmas.

Take a second to give a nod and a wink to those who have passed this year – those you knew and those who touched your life.

As you read this remind yourself that you are blessed…

You are here, you are alive and you have so much joy and love still to live.

Make it happen. Make today count.

Hug a little tighter. Laugh a little louder. Love a little deeper.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you so so much for you love and support this year and for your messages of hope, love and kindness.


Love and light, Fi xxx

*SLAHN-chə is a word literally translating as “health” in several Gaelic languages and is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland and Scotland.

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ovarian cancer

Positivity in the face of uncertainty

The question I get asked over and over again is “how do you manage to stay so positive?”
Increasingly I believe it’s because I stay so busy, I don’t allow myself to stop and think about the reality…

I don’t let the words ‘stage four’, and everything that really means, sink in to my consciousness.

I just take each day at a time and try simply do my best.

Is this a state of denial? Perhaps but I don’t think so. I mean I have moments of realisation so debilitating I can’t move. Moments of panic so strong I can’t breath. The thought of my life being over is never far away. The promise of tomorrow never taken for granted.

However, I’m not sad or depressed. My life is not consumed by these moments but rather punctuated by them. They are little reminders of my mortality and with them they bring gratitude for each day, for each moment of joy and for each breath I take.

These emotions don’t remove my positivity but rather highlight its importantance.

How do I stay so positive shouldn’t be the question…but rather why do I stay so positive?

The answer to that question is much more straightforward.

I stay positive because I know better than most how precious life is.

I know how important it is that we never take a single moment for granted.

I know how valuable each breath we take truly is.

Life is a gift. It’s the greatest gift of all.

Life you life in a way that doesn’t take thingyft for granted.

Enjoy each moment and love with all of your heart. Because, quote simply, none of us are promised tomorrow. We are all mortal. We are all ‘terminal’.

Make today count.

Make today a positive day.

Live well. Laugh often. Love much.

It’s that simple.

Love and light, Fi xxx