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Fi Munro, Ph.D. is a specialist in helping people to turn their lives around and start living for today. As a best selling author, a multi award winning researcher, award winning blogger and public speaker recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on holistic health and the importance of living for today she is renowned for inspiring people to change their lives.

She has been featured in two BBC documentaries, in TV and radio shows, and in newspaper and magazine articles across the globe. Today she is happier than ever before and believes cancer saved her life.



Fi Munro was diagnosed with stage four b, non genetic, high grade serous ovarian cancer in January 2016. She was just 30 years old.

In 2016 she had 6 rounds of paclitaxel and carboplatin (Taxol/Carbo) chemotherapy on the NHS. During this time she also received 16 doses of avastin on the NHS.

In May 2016 she had major debunking surgery removing her womb, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, omentum, appendix, spleen, part of her bowel (she has a colostomy bag), part of her liver, part of her pancreas and part of her diaphragm.

In 2018 she paid to receive Avastin privately.

In September 2018 she stopped paying for private treatment and become the first, and only, ovarian cancer patient in Scotland to take part in and NHS ‘triplet’ immunotherapy trial. As part of this trial she receives Durvalumab, Avastin and Olaparib. This trial is ongoing (May 2019).

Since her diagnosis, Fi has dedicated her time to understanding everything she could about what predisposes people to physical, emotional and spiritual ‘dis-ease’. The more she researched, the more she uncovered about the possible causes of cancer and other modern diseases.

Guided by her instinct, she began to make changes. Not a single stone was left unturned as she examined every aspect of her life, dedicating her time to her self-care, health and recovery. She gave herself space and permission to work through the trauma of living in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with her ex; she began to love her body for the incredible things it can do, rather than judging it for how she thought it should look; she stopped living her life for others and started to align it with her own values; she honoured her boundaries and learnt that ‘no’ is a complete and powerful sentence. Above all, she gave herself permission to love her authentic self!

And do you know what? Wonderful things started to happen.

Today she is thriving as she embraces a wonderful, joy filled life that honours her values and aligns with her soul’s purpose.

She shares her story in the hope that it will help others.


‘How Long Have I Got?’ By Fi Munro, Ph.D. was publishes in January 2019.


Suitcases filled with medication. Life and death situations. Multiple organ removal.

Risking everything to stay alive just one more day.

And people still moan to you when they have a cold.

Welcome to the life of a ‘terminal’ cancer patient.

In January 2016 thirty-year-old Fi Munro was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. Told from day one that her cancer was incurable and ‘terminal’, Fi faced unimaginable pain, heartache and suffering as the life she’d dreamed of was suddenly pulled away from her. Yet in the wake of this news she did not wallow. Instead she discovered a remarkable inner strength, resilience and, above all, a very dark sense of humour.

Years later and she is still here, having outlived, in her opinion, two ‘very unreasonable’ prognoses.

How Long Have I Got? is her inspiring story. Honest, open and often tear-jerking this is everything you wanted to know – and some stuff you’ll want to forget – about living with cancer and an important reminder that we are all terminal. Reading this will change your life forever.


Fi Munro has been featured in a number of TV, radio, magazine and newspaper articles as well as being invited as a guest on podcasts. Here is a small selection:

BBC News Feature – ‘Social Isolation Not New To Me’

Magazine Article – ‘I realised I hadn’t been living at all’ How ovarian cancer taught one woman to totally transform her life

BBC Documentary – ‘A Time to Live’ – Now available on Amazon Prime

Video for BBC The Social – ‘Self Care Isn’t Selfish’

Guest Blog for Bowel and Bladder Community – My Story

Guest Blog for Ovarian Cancer Action – ‘Surgery for ovarian cancer: What should I ask?’

Article for Ovarian Cancer Action – ‘The ripples of kindness have continued to grow’


  • Winston Churchill Fellowship Medallion 2011 for international research into children’s outdoor play and leaning (as part of her PhD)
  • PhD in children’s outdoor play and learning
  • Healthunlocked Health Blogger of the Year 2017
  • Macmillan Cancer Support ‘2017 Sir Hugh Dundas Volunteer of the Year Award’
  • Scottish Fundraiser of the Year Award
  • Scottish Sun ‘Pick of the Week’ for book ‘How Long Have I Got?’


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It is my firm belief that the majority of the perceived problems and worries that are going on in our heads day in and day out could be changed by embracing the simple motto of choosing to live like you are dying. After all, would you stay in the job you hate or the relationship that makes you miserable if you thought your life would end in the next year? Hell no! You’d be out doing things that make you happy and you certainly wouldn’t be worrying about what dress size you were either!


Fi is involved in regular campaigns with the following charities in a bid to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer and help other women to be diagnosed earlier. Her hope is that in doing so, her diagnosis will enable other women’s lives to be saved.

  • Target Ovarian Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer Action
  • The Eve Appeal
  • Maggie’s
  • Macmillan Cancer Support

It is important to Fi that all organisations and charities she works with are able to demonstrate their support of and involvement with both the BAME and LGBT communities before she will agree to work with them.


Please visit the dedicated page for FAQ.


Please do not use the words ‘fighting, ‘suffering’, ‘dying’ or ‘battling’ when discussing or describing Fi’s life with cancer. Preferred phrases would be ‘living with’, ‘surviving’ and/or ‘thriving’.

The word ‘terminal’ can be used if it is put in inverted commas. This is due to the fact that we are all, in fact, terminal as no human is immortal.

Please only use the name Fi Munro, Ph.D. – i.e. never use the name Fiona. Thank you.


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