Turning 35 – What a Gift

On Monday it’s my birthday (and also Star Wars day!). I’ll be 35 years old and I couldn’t be more grateful to be alive.

There were many days over the past 4.5 years since my diagnosis where I didn’t think I’d make today…and yet here I am!…despite stage four cancer, multiple organ removal, my lung collapsing three times, a recent bowel obstruction, plural effusions (fluid on my lung), tumours in my lung, liver, abdomen, around my heart, multiple operations, my heart stopping in theatre, internal bleeding, sepsis, multiple blood transfusions, countless weeks/months in hospital…have I missed anything?! 🙈 …I’m still here!

To say it’s a miracle…or multiple miracles…that I am not only still alive but that I am as well as I am would be a massive understatement!

While so many people worry about getting old I feel immense gratitude…bring on the wrinkles and old age…what a gift and an honour they will be if I am privileged enough to earn them!

But, right now I am coming to the end of my NHS treatment and, with multiple tumours still in my lung, liver and around my heart AND a bowel obstruction, I am having to do everything I can to support my body to keep living!

To do this I am working with an incredible, multidisciplinary team including;

My NHS oncologist and medical team
A naturopathic oncologist – Dr Nasha Winters
A medicinal herbalist – Wendy Dooner
An integrative oncologist – Dr Kate James

A body talk practitioner
An EMDR therapist

I take A LOT of herbs and supplements and medicinal mushrooms. Note: I don’t recommend or detail my regime to others as all of our bodies are different and it’s important you seek guidance from a professional (not from me and certainly not from Dr Google either!)

I am also in the process of starting mistletoe therapy with Dr Geider (all going well)…which is being supported and reviewed by two private drs, as well as by my oncologist as it’s really important that this is done safely and with my blood work being monitored closely.

I am a HUGE believer in working with a wide team and also in my team working together. I am so lucky that I have such an incredible and skilled team with literally over 100 years collective experience in working with people with cancer! They are amazing!

It is my belief that sickness and dis-ease aren’t caused by a single agent and neither are they repaired by just one. I work with many aspects of my health…it’s a full time job but one I’m willing to do so that I can stay alive and continue to share my story with you fabulous people who support me each and every day. Thank you!

I want to show that there is another way to living with a ‘terminal’ medical condition and it doesn’t have to all be doom and gloom…it can be absolutely incredible and filled with hope too!

In addition I, of course, do a lot of spiritual work through my shamanic and yoga training and experience and I exercise daily. Oh, and I use an infrared sauna blanket every day…it’s bliss! I believe the sauna blanket (and yoga and meditation) are the reason I never need to take any pain relief, not even paracetamol. Except when I’m in hospital…where the pump me full of opiates (you know when my posts get ‘really! Interesting! 🤭) and then I spend the next week or so detoxing then stuff!

Food and nutrition is fundamental to me too and, I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard with three food allergies (gluten, dairy and soya) AND now a bowel obstruction meaning I am restricted to a liquid/low residue diet…but I am on a mission to keep my body full of what goodness I can!’s a new learning curve for me and one I am using lock down to embrace fully…there is A LOT of experimental cooking happening in our house but I am feeling well nourished…I’m beginning to wonder if I’m meant to write a cookery book afterall?! 🤔

I continue to fundraise for money to support the payment of all of my treatment options. The money is mainly used on herbs, supplements and dr/practitioner fees and, most recently, will be used on mistletoe therapy 🤞🏻💫

I am so grateful for all of your donations and support. Without you my options would be so much more limited. Thank you for helping to keep me alive. Seriously! 🥳

Anyway…I’ve made the decision that for the month of May I am going to restrict how much I am online. I want to embrace lock down as much as I can – I’m a big believer in surrendering to any given situation and looking for the lesson and the blessing! I believe this is an important time for me to go inward and really focus on my healing so that I can come back stronger and healthier.

I will be spending my time meditating, connecting with nature, starting my mistletoe treatments, allowing my body to rest and recover, detoxing, finishing my chemotherapy, finding the joy, healing AND, of course, making some fabulous memories with my smashing hubby Ewan.

Undoubtably I will be writing lots too!

In the meantime I am sending you all lots of love and gratitude.

Stay safe and I will be back in June with new stories, insights and adventures.

Lots of love, Fi xx

Ps. If you would like to donate to my GoFundMe you can do so here, thank you:

Or you can make a donation via PayPal using

Thank you! Not a penny goes to waste!xxx

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  1. Every time we get another little family connection that I did not know or had to be reminded. Get ready that comes with age too and not just cancer treatment. My husband’s, David’s, birthday is also today. Our Fiona’s Grand Dad is 60 years young and he is trying to catch up with me. I agree growing up is marvelous and even if we have to do it with less than optimal health. Sometime its hard to be grateful that we woke up. Marvel in your universe and I am glad to have you in mine. Your Alabama Mama Bear.

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