Can You Help With My New Book?


I need your help…

So, as you may know, I plan to submit a book proposal to Hay House UK at the end of March!

Publishing a book with them is literally NUMBER ONE on my life to do list!

BUT it’s not easy and competition is tight…over 200 people will be submitting on the same day and only one of us will get signed!!

I soooo want to bring my new book to you and yes if I don’t publish with them I will self publish again BUT this is a stressful process and having a publisher would make my life A LOT easier…and make my dreams come true!

So how can you help?

  1. If you have purchased my previous book ‘HOW LONG HAVE I GOT?’ please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon…this will be checked by Hay House and will make a HUGE difference! Thank you! Link below.
  2. Something they told us that REALLY HELPS is selling 1000+ books in a month…so I have kept my kindle price at £1.99 (the lowest Amazon) will let me drop it to…if you could purchase a copy and help me reach this target in March I would be soooo grateful! I don’t get much money for this…self publishing means Amazon get nearly all the money…I make about 50p from kindle and £1.50 from paperback I think….but that’s not the point…I just want the messages out there in the world! Link below.
  3. You SMASHING people got my Instagram following over 5000 THANK YOU! But if it was over 10000 it would help me to get my page verified and enable the ‘swipe up’ feature. If you know anyone who wants to see my Instagram musings (and ramblings) please share my page…it’s crazy, yes, but social media numbers really make a difference in the modern book publishing world! Thank you! @fkmunro or
  4. Share this post…with everyone!
  5. Finally, I will be blogging extracts from my new book over the next few weeks…please let me know whether or not my words resonate…you are my HUGHLY VALUED READERS…without you my book doesn’t exist and my words don’t get read..your opinion matters to me so let me know in the comments on social media or my blog. Thank you xxx

I love you all and I’m so grateful for your support.

This book is as much yours as it is mine.

Let’s do this!!!

Fi xx

How Long Have I Got?: The Story of a ‘Terminal’ Cancer Patient

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