A Letter to Cancer

Dear Cancer

This is the hardest letter I’ve ever written.

You’ve been a part of my life for so long it’s hard to remember who I was without you; who I was before the day you arrived in my life.

In many ways I’m grateful for your arrival. You woke me up to a life I was taking for granted. You showed me that the job I was doing no longer served my soul (I sometimes wonder if it ever did). You illuminated the relationships that drained my heart and those that shamed my authenticity. You showed me all the dis-ease in my life.

You held my hand as I looked at the shadows in my soul; the grief, the trauma, the pain I’d tried to hide.

You striped me bare of everything I associated as myself. You made me look at what lay beneath all the layers I’d carefully orchestrated to create the facade of a perfect life.

Through the daily reminders of your presence (some days less subtle than others) you held me as I kept working through the pain.

You helped me to uncover a strength I never dreamed of owning. You introduced me to a hidden version of myself. A strong warrior.

With your guidance I discovered a tribe of people like me. A tribe of truth seekers.

I discovered a new way of living my life; with the truth of how precious each and every moment is.

You taught me how to feel joy and love; to really feel them radiate through me.

You put me on a path that I could never have even imagined; one so beautiful that I wake each day overwhelmed with gratitude to be alive.

For all of this I am forever grateful.

But, you also taught me to say goodbye to relationships that no longer serve me; to part ways when the time is right.

That time has come for us.

I’m ready, and excited, to discover who I am without you.

I will always be grateful for the lessons you gifted me, but now I need to say goodbye and step into a new version of myself – one that no longer requires you or your labels.

I’m saying goodbye, I’m bidding you farewell, I’m laying you to rest and returning you to source.

Goodbye old friend.

You are no longer welcome in this precious body or life of mine.



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Fi is Currently:

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