Our Pain Does Not Take Away From Our Beauty

Walking through the woods recently I spotted a brilliant tree (well, let’s be honest, aren’t they all brilliant) with wood worm eating away at one of its branches.

What struck me in that moment was that the woodworm ‘damage’ did not take away from the greatness of the tree; it did not dampen its beauty; nor reduce its strength; it did not change its power; or alter its ability to grow roots and share oxygen; it did not stop the tree from housing birds; from offering shelter; from basking in the mid afternoon sun.

No. The tree remained beautiful, powerful and able to do all that it was here to do.

The same too can be said of our bodies and our minds too.

When they, to the untrained eye, appear ‘damaged’ they are still able to do so much, they still hold so much beauty and so much strength.

We’d do ourselves, and all of humanity, a favour if we were to learn what the trees have to teach us, for they know so much about growth, renewal and life.

What ‘damage’ or ‘trauma’ in your life has led you to become more beautiful, strong and unique?

Love, Fi xxx


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