Start Living Your Life

The great Louise Hay of Hay House was famous for her words ‘you can heal your life’ and she was so right!…but…so many people just aren’t prepared or willing to do the work…

In my spiritual work with my clients, and the work I do on myself, I see it all the time…the desperation to ‘get better’ without the willingness to learn from adversity, dis-ease, illness…

In some cases people are so desperate to hold on to the security blanket that their situation gives them that they will do anything NOT to make changes to heal aspects of themselves and their lives.

However, when you are gifted adversity (yes, gifted!) you are being called to go deeper, to uncover your true self, to find your soul calling, to embrace the spirits and to finally hear what your heart is calling out and longing for.

That shit ain’t easy but fuck me it’s so worth it!

You CAN heal your life…yes YOU! But you gotta get out there and start living it first!

You gotta listen to your heart’s song; you gotta hear what she calls out for. What is she begging you to do? What relationships need to end? What lifestyle choices need to change? What have you wanted but denied yourself of? What do you long for? What would you do today if you truly thought you would die tomorrow?

Answer these questions and you will begin to uncover how you can heal your life and, with it, your dis-ease.

Answer these questions and you will begin to hear the whispers of your heart and you will be able to finally sing her song.

Because healing your illness, your dis-ease, is meaningless if you haven’t healed your life.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got a whole life to live!

Love, Fi xxx


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