Spring 2019 Update

Hello Lovely

It’s certainly time for a long over due update on what’s been happening in my world over the past five months. I can’t believe I’ve not managed an update since last year…where has the time gone?!

I will try to bring you up to speed without overloading you with details. Here goes!

Book and Book Tour

In case you missed my millions of updates on facebook, instagram and twitter, I have just finished a four month UK book tour and it’s been AMAZING!

What an honour it’s been to meet so many of my readers face to face. Thank you for being so welcoming. Not to mention I got invited to talk at some pretty epic places in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland including Westminster!

My book is now available to buy worldwide on Amazon and so far it’s been receiving all five star reviews and was recently listed by the Scottish Sun as ‘pick of the week’ which was really special.

If you don’t already have a copy then you can buy one here. Please also be sure to leave a review on Amazon if you have read it. This really helps me to reach more people. Thank you, your support means so much.

I’ve recently submitted it to Hay House with the hope of them publishing it. This is a life long dream so all fingers and toes crossed please. This would really help my story to reach and help so many more people.

Charity Work

March was ‘Ovarian Cancer Month’ and I was involved in lots of media coverage to help raise awareness alongside Target Ovarian Cancer, Ovarian Cancer Action and The Eve Appeal. It’s been an honour to work with the teams who are working tirelessly to help raise awareness of this insidious disease with the hope of saving lives.

Also I got to hang out with Cherry Healey for the afternoon at Westminster which was pretty cool. I tried, and perhaps failed, to play it cool and not ‘fan girl’ her too much. She is brilliant.

I launched a social media campaign in March where I asked people affected by ovarian cancer to send me videos of their stories. I posted one of these every single day in March and together we told tens of thousands of people about the symptoms of ovarian cancer! Thank you so much for your support in helping these videos to reach so many people.

I also made a yoga video for Ovarian Cancer Action that is specifically designed for women who have had surgery, are receiving treatment and even those with a picc line. It means so much to me to be able to give back and help in this way. You can check it out here and have a yoga class with me in the comfort of your own home.

May 8th is World Ovarian Cancer Day and I have something very special planned with a group of fabulous ladies. We will be in Glasgow City Centre 11-1pm handing out 3,000 white roses as part of Ovarian Cancer Action’s campaign to hand out one rose for every woman currently living with ovarian cancer in the UK right now. Amazing! Oh, and did I mention we will all only be wearing teal underwear!

‘Why?’ I hear you ask.

Well, the number of women being diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer is constantly increasing. The two main barriers to a woman receiving an early diagnosis are 1. not being aware of the symptoms and 2. them being too embarrassed to talk about their bodies with their GP. Through our plans we hope to help break down both of these barriers by firstly talking about and raising awareness of the symptoms, and secondly by demonstrating that all our bodies are different, unique and wonderful and not something to be ashamed of.

I really want to help save the lives of other women.

Upcoming Events and Media Coverage

I have so many exciting plans over the next few months. Here are just a few of the plans lined up:

I am returning to Trew Fields, Surrey in 5-7th July to speak alongside incredible people such as Robert Verkerk from Alliance for Natural Health International, David R Hamilton, Sophie Sabbage, Nashua Winters, Saima Thompson (aka Curry and Cancer) and more!! This is such a special event and well worth it if you can make it.

I have been recording some special podcasts over the past few months for a range of media organisations including Inspiration North. I’ll share these with you as soon as they become available.

I recorded a very exciting piece for TV. It’s not being released until August and I am sworn to secrecy until then (which is super annoying!) but I will broadcast it loudly as soon as I have permission.

Health Update

So, this is the big update. My health has changed quite a bit over the past few months.

As you will remember, I had a rough summer in 2018 with over two months of vomiting and losing two stone from my already petite frame. Despite this I was able to become the first, and only, ovarian cancer patient on a ‘triplet’ immunotherapy trial in Scotland. I was, and still am, so grateful.

Since then I had to have a port-o-cath fitted in December the week of Christmas, which was rough. I don’t recommend having an operation and then trying to host Christmas in your house. Needless to say that was not one of my finest decisions and Christmas 2018 was more than a little ‘rough’.

Anyway, that aside, my bi-monthly scans were showing promising results and my cancer markers dropped into healthy range. This is amazing for someone with stage four cancer over three years since their diagnosis!

However (and here comes the stinger) my February scan showed a little lesion inside my right lung. That’s right, in my lung. I was shocked. How could this be happening when I felt so well and my markers were in healthy range?!

Not to be knocked down, I decided to wait until my next scan (8 weeks later) to see what was happening with this little guy and whether or not it was worth my anxiety.

The second scan was two weeks ago. Sadly it showed that the lesion had grown by 50% and also that I now have notable ‘thickening’ in the wall around my heart.

The fact that the lesion in my lung had grown confirms that it is a new tumour.

As if that wasn’t rubbish enough, my right lung (which clearly wasn’t getting enough attention as it was) decided to partially collapse due to a pneumothorax (a hole in the lung).

Now a partially collapsed lung is rubbish at the best of times, but I received this news the day before I was meant to be traveling to France by train with my hubby for a well earned two week rest together following my book tour.

However, this was not to be. A collapsed lung meant that I was not allowed to leave the mainland UK and that I would need weekly X-rays to monitor my lung.

As if that was going to stop me though!

Instead my husband and I decided that if we only had a week until my next X-ray, and I was only allowed to travel in the UK then we might as well have an amazing trip to London. So that’s exactly what we did and it was magical and wonderful with so many amazing adventures that just wouldn’t have happened if we had gone to France. Thank you lung!

Since then I have had two more X-rays and my right lung remains partially collapsed. However, it is not stopping me doing anything. I’m not even breathless. In fact, just before writing this I went for a 90 minute walk with Ozzy. I feel so grateful to be able to be this active with this medical condition and hope that this remains the case.

So, what’s the plan going forward?

I will continue with the trial as it is being effective on my abdominal tumours and we will hope that my lung lesion stabilises and that my lung heals and re-inflates. I should point out that the hole in my lung is not related to the lesion in my lung…it’s just an unhappy coincidence. Annoying eh?!

On the trial I have been getting blood results every 4 weeks and scan results every 8 weeks. It’s been exhausting! Especially because I have no symptoms and so if I weren’t on the trial I wouldn’t even be having check ups! So, in a bid to have a bit more normality I have asked not to hear any of my results for the next 6 months. This feels much more manageable!

It’s time to focus on living my life and not on my cancer!

Business Plans

So as I focus on living my life, rather than on my cancer, I find myself making some awesome business plans.

Firstly, I connected with The Traveling Shaman and Dundee Herbal Clinic to found Integrative Retreats Ltd. Our first retreat together is taking place 14-17th November in Dunkeld and will offer clients yoga, meditation, shamanism, herbalism and more in a beautiful setting in the heart of Scottish countryside. It’s £595 per person which includes accommodation, food and all activities. There are a few spaces left so if you want to work with me over a few days then this is your opportunity. Book now.

I am moving away from working with one-to-one clients. Instead I will be focusing on running retreats, doing public speaking events and launching a series of new ecourses that I am very excited about!

I will also be publishing two more books. Yes, two!

Writing, speaking and working with groups are my key passions and so this is where I will be channeling my precious energy.

I am so grateful for you being part of my community of support and for engaging in my story and journey.

I hope my words help you and bring sunshine to your day.

Wishing you love and healing.

Fi Munro xx

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  1. Forever positive! Exciting plans ahead, Fi, well done and lots of luck and love 🤗🙏😍xx

  2. Dear Fiona just wanted to say…thank you for your inspirational words…YOU are absolutely inspiring ! I love your spiritual approach…it really resonates with me. Sending lots of good wishes back to you. All the best Susan

  3. Have been following your blog for a while and really enjoy hearing your positivity and energy! Do you still post updates for your Random Acts of Kindness?

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