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French Hospital

So, hubby and I escaped to the south of France for a rest for two weeks – which reminds me, I will write a blog post soon about how I travel super cheap and tips for traveling with cancer. We are currently traveling home by train after what can only be described as an ‘eventful’ trip!

The two day train journey involved me sitting on various train toilet floors as I constantly vomited; by the time we arrived in France I was weak and dehydrated, unable to even keep water down. Unsurprisingly I ended up in hospital on the third day after I fell asleep (passed out) with my head down a toilet – what can I say, I’m super classy! 😂

Hospital in France was ‘intersting’ with them not allowing my hubby to be with me for the first 6 hours; them striping me topless in a room with about 25 other people so they could do an ECG; them hooking up fluids and forgetting to start them – then when they did start them, forgetting to change the bag which resulted in my blood running back into the bag 😂🙈 I laugh now but it wasn’t fun at the time. The hardest part was getting them to understand my diagnosis – they couldn’t understand that I have late stage cancer because of how well I look 🤦🏼‍♀️ Blood tests showed that I had an infection and, with the help of antibiotics, I was soon feeling better again.

After that adventure we had a lovely holiday of sunshine, beaches, lots of walking and eating my weight in fish! Delicious! The picture is taken by my hubby on an island off the coast of Marseille.

I am still very tired from being so poorly and, due to the crazy heat wave in France during our trip (40+deg during day and 35+deg overnight) my body is still recovering.

I will be properly back online next week, when I will reply to the many messages I’ve received, but I will be quieter than usual as I regain my strength.

For those of you who missed out on a place on my August event, I plan to run TWO events in September. Dates to be confirmed 💜

Love and light, Fi xxx

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  1. Goodness! That sounds like an hospital from hell!! Shame on them for the indignity they imposed on you. Xx

  2. Only you would start out with a trip from heck and turn it around into wonderful. The way it started out it had only one way to go…UP. How soon did you take your trip after your Avastin? Again the heat every where is a great place for breeding germs. My mother had lung cancer and never went any where. I did all her shopping and cleaning and she still ended up with pneumonia. That is how we found out she had cancer when she was having issues with breathing.

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