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The Best News Ever!!!…ONWARDS

Blood tests results are in…

Three weeks ago my cancer markers were rising…in fact they were higher than they have ever been…even higher than when I was diagnosed in January 2016.

Today they showed a 60% drop. This drop is the largest drop I’ve ever had in a three week period – even larger than when I was on chemotherapy in 2016!

I refused chemotherapy when my cancer returned in January this year. At the time my right lung was collapsed and filled with fluid and I had multiple tumours in my abdomen. Over the following weeks my abdominal cavity filled with fluid and I had three abdominal drains and one lung drain. Still I refused chemotherapy, instead opting to receive Avastin (a maintenance drug) privately and to pursue ‘complementary therapies’ and a complete re-evaluation of my life.

Now, my lungs are clear, my abdominal fluid hasn’t returned, my markers are dropping and I feel AMAZING!

When I chose to receive Avastin it was hoped, at the minimum, that it would slow down my cancer…this result was never expected!

I honestly believe that Avastin did just that and that it allowed everything else I was doing, to have the chance to work on reducing and reversing my cancer.

The plan moving forward is to keep receiving avastin and to continue to monitor my blood results – we can only hope that they continue to go in the same direction!

Some of the recent changes have included:

– seeing a holistic oncologist (Dr Kate James) and, under her careful guidance, starting medicinal mushrooms.

– stopping my lifelong antibiotics

– walking 5 miles a day (previously 3 miles)

– daily dance

– daily meditation

– living my truth

– eating well

– drinking more water

– a reevaluation of my vitamin supplements

– reducing negativity in my life

– improving my social circles

– setting clearer boundaries in my life

– working more in a job that I adore

– seeing a shaman

– continuing to see a bodytalk and a body stress release therapist

– loving my life

– truly living

I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has donated to help me receive my avastin and also to everyone who has been sending their love and prayers and wishing me well.

I am living and loving life because of you xxx

4 thoughts on “The Best News Ever!!!…ONWARDS”

  1. Fi,

    I can’t begin to tell you how utterly magnificent that is to read. Avastin really is remarkable.

    Keep up the good work lovely lady.

    You are truly inspirational 🙌🏻💝🌸🌸🌸🦋🦋🌸🌸🌸

  2. Excellent news xx Susan

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