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Life is For Living – Thank You

If my lovely family, friends..and even strangers…are going to fundraise and donate their hard earned cash to raise money so that I can receive treatment to stabilise my cancer and prolong my life…then the least I can do is live it!!

Since being discharged from hospital 9 days ago I have…gone out for lunch once or twice; been to see a shaman; had dinner with people I love several times; rested on the sofa watching comedies; received my first dose of Avastin; spent a lot of time in nature; gone to the ballet with one of my sisters; watched Sister Act (the musical) with both of my sisters; sung at a karaoke for the first time ever; spent quality time away from hospital with my hubby; eaten a lot of food; walked a lot of miles in the woods; laughed; celebrated life; spent time with friends; meditated; danced; sung; and, above all, LIVED!

I am in no pain; I am on no medication – aside from those I take because I don’t have a spleen and supplements; I am sleeping well; my abdomen hasn’t refilled with fluid; my lungs seem to be working great….in fact, aside from three days of fatigue and achy limbs after my Avastin infusion on Monday…I feel great!

Thank you all!

I am excited already for the adventures that next week will bring…until then…it’s time to sleep. Night all xxx

5 thoughts on “Life is For Living – Thank You”

  1. Wonderful news. I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last month or so – how we live our day-to-day lives, but don’t remember to actually live that life, like you’re talking about here. But I have to ask…would you do the karaoke again?

  2. Awake at 3 am. My mind going over and over an unpleasant experience with someone at work. Feeling impacted by it, and needing to stop thinking it over and over. Then saw your post about living life – ahh yes! How perfect timing – what matters , what’s precious, what’s true. You quietened my worry box. And when it switched on today I will read your post again to remind me to get real!!! You are such a great influence!

  3. Hallelujah!!! Seriously , just great . You are a tonic to read – and I LOVE. sharing your walk to help others . Thank you Fi. Love and prayers never stopping , Shoniex

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  4. Praise be the glory…Love and Light will always conquer! You are covered by a very tight circle. One day, one joy, one prayer, one laugh…and I could on on and on! Happy for you and love you so much little one! jmc

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