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Avastin Starts TODAY! Thank You!

Introducing my ‘hospital’ for the day…

That’s right, today I am receiving Avastin through a drip in my living room! This is made possible by Healthcare at Home who are sending a nurse, and all of the required equipment, to our house every three weeks.

As you know, I am crowd funding to receive Avastin* privately to help stabilise my stage four ovarian cancer as I have now received my maximum number of doses on the NHS.

The private oncologist I saw broke down the costs and we soon realised that going to a private hospital would cost me about £3000 every three weeks. However, he had a great suggestion up his sleeve – ‘Heathecare at Home’…a service I had, previously, never heard of.

This organisation provides private healthcare but instead of you paying for the private hospital fees they come to your house. I chose this option, not only to help save money on the cost of treatment but also to save me traveling the 4 hour round trip to the private hospital I would be receiving treatment.

Wonderfully, on Friday I found out that this saves me a massive £1000 per dose! This makes each dose about £2000…instead of £3000. Thank you universe!

This, of course, is still a massive amount of money every three weeks and I am so so grateful for all of your generosity, help and support that is enabling me to receive this treatment which will hopefully help to extend my life. Without you, this really wouldn’t be possible!

I cannot put into words what it means to me and my loved ones. Thank you!!

Please continue to share / donate / fundraise so that this remains a treatment option.

Thank you!

Fi xx

Gofundme.com/fimunro GoFundMe

Paypal – f.k.munro@hotmail.com

*Please remember that there are several different types of ovarian cancer and each respond to different forms of treatment. While mine responds to Avastin this is not the case for all women with ovarian cancer and, I have no doubt, that if it is an option for you, whether through the NHS or privately, that your oncologist will have discussed it. After all, it is their job and life’s work to save (or prolong) the lives of those of us who are living with cancer.

I know, for instance, that because my cancer is NOT genetic that there are several treatment options not available to me that would have been had I had a BRCA gene mutation.

I appreciate how hard it can be to hear that one treatment can work for one woman and not for another – I am in that same situation every single day as I watch treatments develop and become available for women with an ovarian cancer different to my own.

I hold all of my teal sisters in my heart. Love and light xxx

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  1. SOOOOO Happy to hear that the treatment this actually starting . As Ali (Casey) always said “ Avanti “! Loving prayers always, Shoniex

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