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In Safe Hands I Rest

The fluid they are draining isn’t yellow like ascites usual is. Instead it is stained with blood. I am told this is “not usual” as sometimes tumour bleed….in my head I’m desperately asking why it can’t be straightforward and normal for once…

The fluid isn’t draining well…in fact only less than 300ml has drained. The team have explained that this could be the position of the fluid, the position of the drain or even a tumour blocking the end of the drain. The plan is to reevaluate the situation tomorrow.

I am feeling very faint and light headed and I’m in a considerable amount of pain…I’ve also had a lot of medication! Night night, Fi xxx


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  1. Sweetheart I haven’t had a chance to reply to your email on HOPE! But you have my loving prayer in hope every day ! Rest easy , ready to fight again – and enjoy, and laugh , and love , every precious second . You ain’t dead yet – as you say !!! Big hugs, Shoniex

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  2. I hope you have a good night’s sleep, and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Love and light xx Pauly xx

  3. You are such a sweet remarkable woman. A living ray of hope, strength & love for all of us living with ovarian cancer. My best wishes and prayers are with you as you continue your journey. Let the love continue to guide you and know that grace is always with and surrounds you and yours. Much love to you.
    Laura Modena

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