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You, Me and Cancer


Due to the poor weather conditions predicted for tomorrow evening, myself and the organisers of this event have made the decision to postpone it To another Wednesday evening. We don’t want to put any of you at risk due to adverse driving conditions.

I am sorry to let you down and cancel at such short notice. I will reschedule the event soon and hope that you will be able to make the new date.

Thank you for your understanding.

Love and light, Fi xxx


Once you receive a cancer diagnosis, every single relationship you have is affected. Not just with your romantic partner, but with your friends, your colleagues and even your family.

Some relationships are strengthened, while some are torn apart. I, like so many of my fellow warriors, have experienced both. I’ve developed new relationships, I’ve strengthened old ones and I’ve also lost dear friends.

Fortunately my wonderful hubby has been my life raft through it all. He somehow just ‘got it’ and knew exactly how to support me and how to nurture our relationship when, over night, cancer not only put my life on hold, but his too.

Together, we have strengthened our partnership and supported each other as cancer became the, ever present, third wheel in our partnership.

We have faced an ectopic pregnancy, emergency surgery, a stage four cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, major surgery and, most recently, a cancer recurrence.

Not only has my body dramatically changed but so has my entire approach to life; my outlook, my priorities, and my approach to each day. Together we have learned that a successful relationship flows and adapts to fit its current circumstances. Humour, laughter, love and friendship have ensured the survival of our relationship and enabled it to grow when it may have otherwise wilted.

Next week we will be at Maggie’s Dundee hosting an open discussion about the challenges cancer brings to relationships (partners, friends, colleagues and so on). This is a FREE event and open to anyone affected by cancer – whether through your own diagnosis or the diagnosis of someone you love.

We hope you are able to join us.

You are not alone.

Love and light, Fi (and Ewan) xxx

Wednesday 28th February


Maggie’s Centre, Dundee


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  1. I have been thinking about you and I am so happy you were having a wonderful holiday with your love. Working on my second year visits but my tumor marker level was 7 points higher this time. Another pelvic exam in March, so 3 more of those to go this year.

    Did not get the flu but had a nasty cold virus that lasted two weeks. Right now missing my grandchildren because we chose to keep them away from the sick folks. Stay happy and I hope your alternative treatments are working as you and we all hope towards another remission. jmc

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