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“Make the Day Good”

How do you summarise three weeks of adventure, laughter and healing…with bullet points highlighting the key adventures…

SCOTLAND – curry night with friends – meeting a friend’s new baby – Thai dinner with friends (a nod to the missed trip to Thailand) – Star Wars Music show at Perth Concert Hall – LONDON – dinner with a London based friend – PARIS – NICE – eating fresh salmon by the sea – walking on the beach – exploring the old town – going on a big wheel (eek) – resting in the park – MONTE CARLO – visiting the casino – the Alexander McQueen shop (my favourite fashion designer; crazy out of my budget but exciting to explore) – F1 racing track – chips on the harbour – CANNES – Le Sequet – Castle – seeing a man on a Segway with a cat on his shoulder – paddling in the sea – lying on a quartz slab on the beach – resting on our balcony – napping in the sun in the park – evening walk – sofa cuddles – NICE – walking up a ‘million’ stairs for an amazing view over the town – watching a hummingbird moth – seaside walks – laughter – train to Italy – RIOMAGGIORE – gluten free pizza – cliff side walk – MANAROLA – hill walking – seafood my the harbour – cats – adventure exploring the cliffs – graveyard (I love visiting graveyards; so much history) – vineyards – the sea – butterflies – FLORENCE – finding a vegan cafe – horse and carriage ride – laughing on the train – museum – pointe vechio (golden) bridge – cathedral – palaces – statues – towers – RIOMAGGIORE – walking – PISA – walking to the top of the leaning tower – rain – cathedral – baptistery – man singing – campossonto – Indian restaurant – laughs – freezing cold train journey – lazy Sunday – daily yoga – more hill walking – watching the sun set into the sea – resting in the sunshine – train journey laughs – NICE – MONTE CARLO – casino tour – having a yoga pose ‘competition’ with some other tourists (who knew my hubby could walk on his hands?!) – sitting on the beach – feeding the fish – posing on the harbour (pictured) – NICE – carnival – dancing in the street – confetti – music – flower parade – RAOK – cuddles – PARIS – Indian dinner – new book – London – Scotland – theatre trip (traveled from Paris to Dundee in one day and went straight to the theatre to see ‘Death Trap’ – recommended!) – Home – cat cuddles.

Wow! It’s been a whirlwind! Best of all – not once did I feel ill, unwell, like I had cancer, breathless or like a patient in any way at all. No one I met knew I was unwell and so I had a blissful 21 days of being normal – the result? I walked about 5-7 miles a day. I did yoga every morning. I ate lots of amazing food. I had adventures. I forgot all about cancer and being unwell…

In fact, I feel the best I have felt since I was diagnosed! It turns out, having an adventure and not being defined by externally imposed limits is very healing!xxx

I’ll update more next week, in particular, how we did so much on a budget and how to travel with a critical medical condition.xxx

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