Lung Update

I had a check up in respiratory Yesterday.

The x-rays show that the fluid that was left in my lung (because drain stopped working) when I was discharged at the start of the month has very slightly REDUCED!! This is amazing news as both me and the consultant were all prepared for it to have reaccumulated and for me to need to be admitted to hospital for another chest drain.

The first photo shows my X-ray when I was discharged a few weeks ago and the second one shows my X-ray now.

This is AMAZING news!! Long may this kind of progress continue!

Thank you all for your love and support of a holistic treatment plan.

Love and light, Fi xxx

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4 thoughts on “Lung Update

  1. Great news! So happy for you. You look amazing by the way! 😍😘🌈

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  2. Thank you for being our guide and tracker towards a long life with OVC. Yes, its hard for all of us waiting to see, if this is going to comeback and when. Highly disappointed when youngsters are having to contend with this. You are doing everything in your power to be healthy after cancer. Makes you wonder what else they have not told us!

    Researched other chemo regiments the 1st four months sans chemo and was going to do the vitamin C with it. Entered 2nd four months and figured out what was not working.
    Ditching a chemo redo!

    Have you decided about the Vitamin C regiment? Think about you constantly…here is a Fi quote by Virginia Wolf “you cannot find peace by avoiding life” Many times I’ll think what you would do but I’m still looking for my ‘Grace’ Meter. jmc

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  3. Thank you. I think I’ll look more into vit c in march xx


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