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Support – Raw Food Day 5

Over the past 21 months I have received unwavering support from both friends and family, for which I am eternally grateful.

Despite my positive outlook and the fact that my cancer miraculously went into remission last year this does not mean I am ‘cured’.

In reality, statistically the chances of me dying from my cancer in the next three years are 83%* (these odds are increased further due to my lack of a spleen). This is not the odds of a recurrence, these are the odds of death.

Now, as a researcher, (and as a generally stubborn individual) the only reason I like statistics is so that I can disprove them. For this reason, many of you have witnessed me making radical (and perhaps sometimes crazy) lifestyle changes.

I am now embarking on a journey of eating 100% raw food. This is not because I think it will ‘cure’ my cancer, but rather because it is my strong, personal belief that this will give my body the best chance of surviving in spite of cancer.

So, why am I spending a Saturday morning telling you this? Simply because I need your support. I don’t expect anyone else to switch to a raw food diet (not even my lovely hubby), I love you all just as you are. However, I do need your encouragement. Whilst you can eat whatever you like in front of me (yes even steak!), please don’t offer it to me. Instead, please support my food choices. Please don’t pass judgement over what I eat either. There is nothing worse than when someone says “I feel bad that you can’t eat this.” When you make these comments what I actually hear is “I feel bad that you have stage four cancer and I don’t.”

In reality, I don’t mind not eating what you eat, ever! 

Most importantly don’t feel that we can’t go out for meals or eat together. I will always find a way of eating something raw when we are out and I LOVE food.

So, in short. Please encourage and support me as I make this change in my life. It will not always be easy for me and I really need your help. It is what I need to do for me** in order to give my body the best chance of survival. At the very least it will enable me to say “at least I tried.”

Love and light, Fi xx

*I prefer to look at it as 17% chance of surviving 💜 

**I wish to highlight that I don’t think everyone with cancer (or any disease for that matter) should switch to a similar diet, nor do I pass judgement on any one else’s diet choices. Rather, this is what I instinctively feel is right for me at this moment xxx

5 thoughts on “Support – Raw Food Day 5”

  1. Dear Fi Debbie Macarthur here we have spoken before. Like you l have stage 4 ovarian cancer and like you fighting with everything. Not fully 100% raw but getting there. I’m also trying radical diet and lifestyle changes and like you often find it hard. But i fully believe like the American researchers proved there are 15% of special people who fight and survive even stage 4 cancer. We are part of that 15% and l send you all my positive thoughts with your diet and think you are amazing with everything you have and will achieve.  Lots of love Debbiexx

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  2. You are inspiring and as I begin improve my raw food consumption(it just makes sense) you can be sure I will look to you for ideas and support. Fellow Ovarian cancer survivor x

  3. Good Morning…Keep being happy because that is all we have. Your are my go to for a joy break because I am still in search of happy because my last year has been pretty lousy recovery wise. What body parts worked yesterday either has stopped or slowed down. Something new or nagging every other month.

    We older OVC survivors have more digestive woes. Nothing like hernia issues one month, gallbladder another, and then diverticulitis. Either had it before cancer or good old chemo has really done a number on me!

    We need more vegetables raw or steamed in all our diets. Everyone needs to find a diet that is right for them and embrace everyone’s Joy on theirs Good luck on your new life modification. Light and Joy to you always. jmc

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