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RAOK Christmas Day 4 – buy a gift for someone with a greater need

6 thoughts on “RAOK Christmas Day 4 – buy a gift for someone with a greater need”

  1. Hi Fi. I messaged you last night, keen to see your stories for 1-4 Dec. This was because my family were so very lucky to receive the random envelope you left on our car in the carpark at Deep Sea World. We learned earlier that day that you planned to do a shark dive and walked past you and your family at the end of the tunnel as you were “being stalked” by one of the sharks! Sorry to learn it has been postponed; all the very best for 11th Dec. My husband and I were so touched by your RAOK and deeply inspired by you, your story, your energy and your positivity. We have already donated to Maggie’s and have both carried out today’s RAOK from the advent calendar. We sit here debating what to do for the postie tomorrow!! Thank you so much for your gift; it meant so much and we will try our best to follow in your footsteps, sharing your message of kindness xxxxx

  2. Awww hello!! Thanks so much for this! It’s such a beautiful message! 💕 so glad you liked the RAOK! Please let me know what you do for your postie!! Did you have a nice time at Deep Sea World?xxx

  3. You are more than welcome, awesome lady xxx just seen your message on FB, I am still to post about it x Had a great day with our 21 month old little girl, thank you, made all the better when we realised we didn’t have a parking ticket, but a wonderful gift. Leaving a gift for the postman is no problem, but baking cookies?! I wouldn’t inflict that on my neighbours, so will have to buy some!!!! xxx

  4. Hahaha! I’m the same on the baking front..may also buy some shhh haha. Honestly loved your message so much! Hope you don’t mind that I shared it!xxx

  5. Mum’s the word! Of course I don’t mind, I loved it! Just glad that we could reach you. You really are such an inspiration x Hubby and I both felt a buzz doing our RAOK today! Stay happy and keep on sharing that immense light you have – the world needs more people just like you xxx

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