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Love and light, Fi xxx

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  1. Hello Fi,

    I was given your website, by my son, David Townson, who says that he lectured to you in design at Dundee Uni, when you studied there. David left before you finished your degree. I have not yet asked David how he found your website, but he was immediately interested, and knew that I would be too, as I also have ovarian cancer, and my story is similar to yours – except I am much older than you – almost 78.

    I went to my doctor sometime in early2014 because I was losing weight. The GP said it was nothing to worry about, and I should just eat more fatty foods, cakes etc, even although I had had a triple bypass in1999, and had always watched my diet since then! I did actually put some weight on and felt well and looked well so stopped worrying about it. Then in early 2015 I went to see the same GP because of my swollen tummy. Again she said nothing to worry about. In July 2015 I had a full knee replacement, which took me a long time to recover from, but I did.

    In early November 2015, I saw the same GP because I could hardly breathe, she ordered an X-ray, which resulted in a hospital admission to a respiratory ward. The pleural lining of my lung was full of fluid and when drained showed ovarian cancer cells. After an MRI scan it was confirmed, and I was given an appointment with a surgeon on 23rd December, who examined me and explained that I would have three chemo therapies, then an operation to remove the mass and all my “gynae bits” , then have three more chemos . I then had an appointment on30th December with my oncologist and had my first chemo on 11th January ,2016.

    I had four chemos before my operation which was on13th May, and spent 12 days in hospital , but have made great progress since then, and had two more chemos, the last one being on 22nd June, the day after you had your last one! On the 11th August I start to have my 5th Avastin, and continue every three weeks until I have had the prescribed 18.

    Like you, I have been very positive all the way through, and still am. I feel amazingly fortunate that my wonderful surgeon was able to remove the mass in one piece and tell me that my cancer had gone for the foreseeable future. My oncologist is also a researcher in ovarian cancer and has explained that although not curable, with having Avastin, I have a chance of more years. So again I feel grateful to have the advantage of being able to have Avastin prescribed.

    I admire your attitude so much, and quite understand it, but am so
    Amazed what you have done since , especially bringing joy to others with your Random Acts of Kindness.

    My daughters Sally and Jennifer ran a 10K in Dundee on 19th June for Cancer Research, because of me and have made £1,395 through Just Giving. Congratulations on how much you have made through the Just Giving to Macmillan nurses. Amazing! But then you are an amazing young woman, and I look forward to continue to hear your story.

    With very best wishes,

    Judith Townson

  2. Judith it is so lovely to hear from you! David was in inspiring lecturer and I remember him well!
    Our journeys are so similar! Are you being treated in Dundee? Was your op in Aberdeen? My surgery was 9th may!xxx

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