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Kindness – Sabrina Ghayour

A couple of weeks ago one of my lovely friends offered to make me dinner – giving me the choice between some Indian and Persian cooking she’d been experimenting with. I chose Persian.

Unknown to me, my friend contacted TV chef Sabrina Ghayour  over Twitter to ask her for some tips and help cooking Persian dishes for someone with cancer.

Oh boy did Sabrina help!

Not only did she send my friend lots of info but she also sent one of her cookbooks for me. Signed!

Off the back of this I sent Sabrina a message of thanks and have since learned what an absolute beautiful soul she has! She sends me beautiful messages so full of kindness. She is a kindred soul who truly sees the joy in giving to and helping others.

As if she hadn’t already done enough she then went on to surprise me with a delivery of deluxe Belazu ingredients to help me on my way to cooking the amazing recipes in her book!

I am blown away by her selfless generosity and kindness to me, a complete stranger! Isn’t it wonderful that there are people like Sabrina in the world!

I am blessed to have crossed paths with her and can’t wait to start cooking from her book! Although I’m little anxious too as I’ve promised to send her photos and updates of my progress – no pressure! ☺️

You can try some of Sabrina’s recipes for yourself too and let her know how you get on!

Isn’t it wonderful when people are kind just because it’s something lovely to do.

Love and light, Fi xxx

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