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Race For Life (video)

Today was incredible!

​Today 22 of my dearest friends and loved ones from all areas of my life – including my mum, sister and dad (in a wig!) – came together to pull on their running shoes and run the local 5km Race for Life and I couldn’t be more proud!

I felt absolutely showered with love and support. I don’t think I can ever put into words how special all of these awesome ladies made me feel by giving up their Sunday to help raise money for cancer research! And not just any Sunday either, it’s also Father’s Day today!

I am truly blessed to know such wonderful women!

And do you know what’s even more awesome?…between them they raised over £5000! How insanely awesome is that?!

I could go on and on about how grateful I am but instead I’ll let the photos do the talking for once. I could actually cry with how happy these pictures make me!

Oh and yes, of course, I was dressed like a bumble bee and I even had a mini bumble bee friend with me!…bumble bees are very special to me and play an important role in motivating me on my journey.

Love and light to everyone, Fi xxx

Bald is beautiful – it’s all about embracing the new look 💕

Hubby sporting the most awesome Tshirt in the world!

Ex-colleagues who traveled two hours to show their support!

Ex-volunteering buddy!

Friends and an ex-colleague who is also my much loved companion on my chemo days!

Hypnotherapy buddies!

Ex-colleague and neighbour!Soul sister!

My amazing parents!

Mini support sporting her home made support banner 💕

Seeing my parents finish the race 💕

The post run picnic 💕

The grand total raised by all the ladies running today was an amazing £226k!!!

You can still donate – every penny counts! Thank you!

Together we will beat cancer sooner xxx

8 thoughts on “Race For Life (video)”

  1. U are amazing Fi,( loved your dad’s outfit ). Good luxk this week, ginger bisxuits helped me. Love L xxx

  2. HI FI, HAVE ONE MORE 3 MONTH XHEXK IN AUG.( 2 years after chemo fnished) THEN hopefully ITS 6 MONTHS X 3 YEARS.. ,i was rubbish on the 4th day for 2 days after xhemo, but i had Exmoor Gold Beer eaxh evening to keep me going!! my partner is waiting major op. now but we will get through it. U look amazing at run ,bearing in mind, u had that awful few days with the infextion. Admire u so muxh, it isn’t easy. (Please exxuse typing PX broken). Love to u, hubby and all the animals. keep staying strong . Linda xxx

  3. Hi Fiona – I have been reading your blog and you are so inspiring! I was having a “down” day today and decided to check your blog for updates. I have OC stage 4 and have had 3 of 6 chemo treatments. Love the video of you and your fundraiser. So proud of how much you have gone through and your positive spirit. Keep spreading the light! -Karen

  4. Hi Fiona – yes, I had a full hysterectomy in March. The surgery went well and the doctor said he removed all evidence of disease. I really like how you promote the symptoms of OC. The symptoms are so vague. I continue to think about you and always hope that you are doing well.

    Karen 🙂

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