Tell someone you love them…

Thought for the day…
I was diagnosed with cancer only 10 days ago and since then I’ve received so many wonderful messages, cards, calls all filled with love – people telling me how much they care for me; how much they love me; how much they value my friendship, my passion for life etc….all magical and wonderful stuff that keeps me going every day 💖 but I can’t help but think: why don’t we tell people how we really feel every day when they are well? I know I didn’t always do it before, but I do now 😘 I share my unfiltered love around like glitter! 💖💖💖
Life is precious and there are no guarantees so if you love someone, care about someone, value someone, admire someone…tell them today. Don’t wait till they are sick…tell them now. If we all told just one person how much they really mean to us today think how happy we would all feel 💖💖💖
love and light, Fi xx


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