Morning Meditation

Madoch Centre | St Madoes | PH2 7FF
Tuesdays from 9.15-10.45am

Evening Yoga

Madoch Centre | St Madoes | PH2 7FF
Thursdays from 7.30-9.00pm
Beginners are always welcome and I will endeavour to adjust the classes to meet the individual needs of my clients.
Mats are provided if required.
Please bring your own blanket and a bottle of water.

Following my cancer diagnosis I knew I had a choice. I could either succumb to my poor prognosis, giving up and immersing myself in fear and self-pity, or I could choose to embrace life, rediscover the joy of living and spread positivity and hope with those that I meet. I, of course, chose the latter.
So, mustering as much strength and positivity as I could – you need to remember at this stage I was critically ill and could hardly walk – I decided to dedicate my time to my holistic health. Having practiced yoga and meditation as a form of relief from a very stressful work life for a number of years I knew that health and healing should be viewed holistically. I began developing my personal healing journey by looking not at the cancer in my body, but at the dis-ease in my mind, body and spirit. The deeper I explored, the more I realised that I wasn’t as healthy as I’d once thought. Stress, anxiety, grief and, unsurprisingly, sugar where plaguing my immune system. I needed to start making changes and fast!
I started to meditate daily – something I’d previously pushed to the bottom of my priorities, telling myself I was far too busy for ‘nonsense’ like that. I started to spend time in nature breathing in the beautiful fresh air that surrounds our country home. A deep inner knowing was telling me that I needed yoga and so I began practicing daily. I also started to embrace a whole food diet free from sugar and processed foods.
And guess what, something wonderful started to happen. Just 7 months after I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, I was completely clear from cancer!
I knew I had to share my learning with others and so I enrolled in a 12-month Ashtanga Yoga teacher training program. No longer was I just being taught about yoga as a form of fitness – the prevalent view in modern western society – but, instead, I was learning about the holistic benefits of yoga. I was learning about pranayama, the yamas and niyamas and a plant based diet. I knew this was the healing journey I had craved.
I don’t know if yoga and embracing holistic health healed my cancer but one thing is for sure, it healed my fear of cancer and taught me how to live again.
I now embrace a happy and fulfilling life flowing with joy and positivity. Having started my teacher training as a means of supporting my own healing I now want to share this knowledge with others and help them on a journey to recovery too, and not just those who have cancer, but all those living with dis-ease in their lives. Most importantly I want to encourage those I teach to embrace meditation, pranayama (breathing) and yoga philosophy.
Drop in to one of my meditation or yoga classes and experience the change for yourself.