Be Thankful

Be thankful

If you are worried about how many arguments you and your partner will have over the tv remote (or any other mundane ‘discussion’).

Be thankful

There are many people suddenly finding themselves confided to a house with an abusive partner.

If you are worried about entertaining your children 24/7.

Be thankful

Our education system was doing a fantastic and often thankless job before.

If you are worried about not having enough food.

Be thankful

There are people around the world literally starving this very second.

If you are worried about not seeing your friends or loved ones.

Be thankful

Thousands of old and vulnerable people in our country have lived in isolation for years, while we are being asked to do it for mere weeks.

If you are suddenly worried about your health.

Be thankful

Many people in our country live in fear of their terminal or life limiting condition every day.

Be thankful.

For this day.

For the time with your loved ones.

For the time to slow down.

For the time to connect.

For the stillness.

For the quiet.

For the contemplation.

Yes we have all suddenly been plunged into uncertainty, into a situation we have never faced before, but there is so much to be thankful for.

While many people in our world have faced wars, starvation, extreme poverty, homelessness, abuse and more, we are being asked to spend time at home with our loved ones (who we chose to live with).

We have an abundance of technology that connects us.

We have books, music, film and games.

We have nature.

We have love.

We have food.

We have shelter.

We have each other.

We have life.

Be thankful.

Be thankful.

Be thankful.