ovarian cancer

A thank you to blood donors: Chemo 4 – Day 8

Once again I find myself thankful for the care and compassion provided by others. Whilst I’m usually grateful for friends and family and the medical staff providing my care, today I am also thankful for two strangers who I will never meet and whom, sadly, I will never be able to thank.  
Chemo has caused my red blood cells to reduce and, as a result, I am receiving two units of blood today to help my body rebuild these cells and enable me to have enough red blood cells for surgery. 

To receive two units I am relying on not one, but two, blood donors.

I’ve donated blood myself in the past (and was on the organ donor and Anthony Nolan register*), but whilst I knew it was potentially going to help someone I never knew the real impact it could have.

  Today, as a receive this blood,  I truly realise the impact it can have and I’m so thankful for these two people taking some time out of their busy day to make a donation. Without this act I wouldn’t be able to have surgery – which will be potentially life changing in terms of my treatment. It just goes to show how such a simple selfless decision can have such a huge impact on the life of a stranger.

If you’ve been thinking about donating for the first time or maybe you’ve donated in the past but haven’t been for a while, please take some time to donate. You really will make a difference to someone’s life. You really will change their story. And although they won’t be able to thank you, they (and their loved ones) will be so grateful!

It takes less than an hour but it really does save lives.

Love and light, Fi xx

* following a cancer diagnosis it is not possible to remain on either register or to donate blood.