Why is ‘Self Care’ Important?

Society and the media are often sending us daily messages on how we ‘should’ be living our lives if we want to be successful and happy. This can become confusing and, in many cases, completely overwhelming as we begin to lose what we want for ourselves in the ‘noise’ of what is expected of us socially as we get sucked in to comparing our ‘internal world’ with the rest of society.

Self care offers us a sanctuary away from this noise and comparison driven mentality, where you can connect with who we are and what we want from our precious life. Society, however, will have you believe that self care is selfish. How dare you take time out just for you when you have an ever growing to do list? This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, self care is essential if you are to become the best version of yourself in all aspects of you life – work, play, relationships, family and health.

I will work with you to help turn the dial down on this external noise so that you can begin to tune in to the internal guidance that is always with you. During our sessions you will have a safe and peaceful space where you can start to understand what your core desires and true purpose really is. You will also learn the tools needed to tune into this inner guidance in your daily life outside of my treatment space as you make changes in your life through daily self-care rituals that allow you to lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

I use my background as a doctoral researcher working for the NHS and Scottish Government, alongside my personal experience of returning to health following a stage four cancer diagnosis and my extensive training in a range of therapies (listed below), alongside my intuition, to help you live a life in alignment with your soul’s purpose. This means understanding what your purpose is, eliminating any stumbling blocks you’ve come up against in the past and realising your inner power. Once this is achieved, amazing things begin to happen.

Let’s get started!

What is an Intuitive Mentor?

I use the term ‘Intuitive Mentor’ because, in many consultations, I use my deep inner knowing, or intuition, to guide my sessions and to form the basis of our conversations. This may, for example, lead me to ask deep questions that I just know you need to work though, sense your spirit animal or identify areas of pain or trauma in your physical or emotional body. By using my intuition, and helping you to develop yours, we are able to work together on a deeper level as I guide you on your journey back to wholeness.

As your Mentor and Coach, I am here to serve you. Using my skills in a wide range of therapies (listed below), I will develop tailored sessions to help you to move forward as you transcend any previous limits and tap into your higher purpose. Helping you to both discover and embrace your true self, I will work with you to uncover the reason you are here on our beautiful planet, as I guide and support you as you transition into the best version of yourself.

I take a holistic approach to my sessions, looking at every element of your life and noting the links between these and your purpose. The aim then is to align your purpose with the universal energy to actualise your goals and transform your life.

What Can I Help You With?

My clients come to me for a range of reasons, but usually because they have reached a point of transition in their life that has left them feeling unfulfilled, uninspired or trapped.

Some recent examples of reasons clients have found me are listed below:

  • Feelings of depression
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling unfulfilled in their career
  • Exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Feeling like a victim in their own lives
  • Trouble moving forward in their lives
  • Feeling unable to align their life with their dreams
  • Struggling to maintain healthy boundaries
  • Fells of being burnt out
  • Seeking a more meaningful life
  • Adjusting to life after a breakup
  • Adjusting to life after an illness
  • Relationship problems
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Support through cancer treatment
  • Self-doubt
  • Problems that are repeating themselves over and over again

It is important to note here that as a coach and mentor, I am not the same as a counsellor or therapist and, instead, I use the range of therapies I am trained in (listed below), alongside my intuition, to guide you. Therefore, in certain situations, it may be more beneficial for you to see a counsellor.


I offer a range of one-to-one sessions for anyone who wants to embrace a healthier and happier approach to life. During these sessions I will work with you to create a bespoke collection of therapies to meet the specific and immediate needs of your mind, body and spirit.

Each session starts with a talking consultation that will enable me to tap into my spiritual guidance. Then, guided by my intuition, you will spend the rest of the session enjoying the benefits of a combination of reiki, crystals, breath work, meditation or mindful movement to release trapped emotions, tension or trauma, leaving you filled with love and light.

Due to popular demand I am now offering tailored therapy packages that see you through a transition period in your life. These packages last for three months and include weekly 90 minute sessions, in addition to two half day (3 hrs) sessions or one full day (6 hrs) sessions. Please get in touch to book your consultation now.


“Dearest Fi – I do not know how to convey what a wonderous experience I had with you. I had no idea what to expect – but you blew me away. I have had such a sense of calm all day since I saw you. A feeling of ‘all will be well’. So much I have learned from you. You are exceptionally talented – what did I look for – insight and perspective. Oh yes -and I got a lot more besides. I can’t thank you enough – you’re precious!!”

Qualifications and Background

  • 2018 85hr Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (due for completion September 2018)
  • 2018 ThetaHealing® Basic DNA (due for completion July 2018)
  • 2018 Cherish Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioner
  • 2018 Reiki Second Degree
  • 2017 Cherish Crystal Healing Level 1
  • 2017 Reiki First Degree
  • 2017 Hatha Raja Yoga
  • 2017 Little Greene Yoga Foundation Teacher Certification (Children’s Yoga)
  • 2015 Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training (not completed due to caver diagnosis)
  • 2011 PhD in Children’s Outdoor Play and Leaning
  • 2008 Bsc Hons