Crystal Exploration Class – for Children 6yrs+

Children often have a natural connection to crystals and are excellent at listening to their intuition and knowing which crystals are right for them.
Due to popular demand, during my yoga classes for children, I am offering this workshop to allow children to connect with and explore crystals and chakras in a safe and age appropriate manner.
Crystals are not just beautiful objects, they are also backed up by science for helping children (and adults) to relax and self sooth whilst also being great aids during meditation.
This workshop provides an opportunity for children to discover more about crystals from a personal level such as:
– Where crystals come from
– How to correctly choose, store and look after your crystals
– How to use crystals to assist with sleeping, relaxing and calming down.
– How to meditate using crystals.
– What our chakras are.
– The connection between crystals and our chakras.
This workshop will also be a safe place for children to ask questions about crystals, chakras and different ways they can self calm when they feel anxious, stressed or upset.

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