“… to get something back that you have lost…”

I am taking some time…maybe a day…a week…a month…a year (can you imagine?!)…I don’t know how long…I’m not setting any limits or expectations…

I just know I need to take the time, however long or short that may be, to recuperate…to get back the energy, stamina, strength and health that I have lost…

That which I once had…

That which, unbeknown to me, I had (despite living with stage 4 cancer for 4 years) still unknowingly taken for granted…

How can it be that only weeks ago I was symptom free and yet now I find myself unable to do so much?

I remind myself that I have been through worse…oh my goodness that’s the biggest understatement isn’t it?

Chemo, multiple organ removal, lung and abdominal drains, operations…

But somehow the suddenness of this feels harder…the shock…the rug pulled so quickly from my seemingly stable feet.

I was not ready.

I did not see it coming and it is the shock, not the reality, that is hitting me hardest.

So I am taking some time to reflect, to learn to love and accept this new body I find myself in and to heal that which I can’t cure…

Know that if there is an update needed that it will be given, always.

Aside from patience while I recuperate I ask for these two things:

1. Appreciate your life. Every moment of it. You don’t know how previous it is until it all changes.

2. Do not send me healing, but rather SEE ME WELL. This is the shamanic way. Sending healing perpetuates the need for healing…see me as already well whenever you think of me. See me filled with energy, laughing, enjoying nature, eating, smiling, filled with joy. See me well.

Thank you all for your holding, your love, your kindness and your support…now I ask you for your patience.

Seeing you all well, happy and filled with vitality today and always.

All my love xx

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  1. You are the diamond that reflects the light onto the world. Even on the dullest day, your energy shines bright. 💎💕💕💎💕💕💎

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