I Realised I Can’t Do This Alone

In my bid to ‘do things different this time’ I have realised that something I need to change is my aversion to asking for help.

No longer am I going to be the cancer patient (or woman for that matter) who thinks that she has to and/or can do everything herself.

Not only is this ridiculously unsustainable but I have people literally begging for ways that they can support me (and Ewan).

But what to ask for help with? I’m still fully able to move about so I don’t need anyone walking my dog (in fact that’s my daily therapy) or cooking for me. Yes, that might change if (big if) I decide to have chemo but, right now, I’m exactly the same as I was a few weeks ago when I was running a yoga retreat…ie more active than your average person.

So, I was thinking of practical stuff I need help with and suddenly I realised…

I need help gathering all of the information I can about my options for treatment and ways to support my body through treatment and, as the majority of my friends are either researchers, healthcare workers or practitioners, I have the perfect team to help right at my fingertips.

Sorted. Except, where to begin? And how to navigate who would do what?

Step in Dr Kelly Turner…not literally (although that would be so cool btw!) but, into my thoughts…

Kelly Turner specialises in integrative oncology. During her PhD work, she studied spontaneous healing from late stage cancer, which she calls “radical remission”.

Her book, “Radical Remission, The Nine Key Factors That Can Make a Real Difference”, is a summary of the findings of her research (buy it, it’s amazing – I bought all my family a copy!). It outlines the nine key factors that all of the 1000s of radical remission patients she interviewed had in common.

Dr Turner defines “radical remission” as any cancer remission that is statistically unexpected. This can occur when;

* a cancer goes away without any conventional treatment;

* a patient begins with conventional treatment, then abandons this for alternative;

* or a patient uses both conventional and alternative at the same time.

Her book outlines these 9 factors associated with almost all accounts of radical remission:

1. Changing your diet*

2. Taking control of your health

3. Following your intuition

4. Using herbs and supplements

5. Releasing suppressed emotions

6. Increasing positive emotions

7. Embracing social support

8. Deepening your spiritual connection

9. Having strong reasons for living

*the majority of people Dr Turner studied greatly reduced or eliminated sugar, meat, dairy, and refined foods, and greatly increased fruit and vegetable intake, choose organic food, and drink filtered water.

So, I ask friends I thought would be interested to each pick one topic each that was of the most interest/relevance to them anyway and conduct research and/or support me to implement relevant changes in my life.

For instance, I have a herbalist pal who is now helping me with factors 1 and 4, a research pal helping me with factor 6; a psychotherapist pal helping me with factor 5 and so on…

And the best part???…everyone else can help my health by supporting me with factor 7 ‘embracing social support’…they now know that by simply being there they are helping my health. Amazing!

I think this is one of the best decisions I’ve made: I feel supported, friends are empowered to help and those who don’t work in a relevant field now know they are helping just by being part of my tribe.

Also, I now have access to far more information than I could have gathered by myself and because I’m being supported by experts I am more easily able to wade through and differentiate between the information that is relevant and that which is quackery.

I’ll keep you posted on what unfolds!

With Love and gratitude today and always, Fi xx

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2 thoughts on “I Realised I Can’t Do This Alone”

  1. Kelly’s approach and book is amazing. I stumbled upon it after being dx with stage 3 OV, surgery and then 6 months of chemo. I needed to take back my life and not be seen as a cancer patient. I have a functional health doctor as my GP and we have been working to stay healthy and keep the disease under control.

  2. Dear Fi, I’ve been following you and your journey for ages, while supporting my brother who has stage IV lung cancer. Have you considered the Care Oncology Clinic protocol? Off label drugs like metformin and mebendazole re-purposed. The research is very interesting.

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