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Never Underestimate the Power of Kindness

I recently received a message from one of my very first ‘random act of kindness’ recipients.

I just had to share it (with her permission).

“Dear Fi

Firstly I have to apologise, for years now I have wanted to say thank you to the kind hearted person that left an envelope on my car, but I mis-laid the card and now as I clear out my wardrobe- there is was.

In that envelope was more than just a random act of kindness.

The £20 gift you left allowed my children and I to eat for the rest of the week. I had been taking my son to his outpatient appointment at hospital that day, and was filled with worry and anxiety for his health and for not being and to provide for him and his brother.

I am chronically ill and both my sons are autistic. It has been quite an insular existence which has left me feeling hopeless and alone at times.

I can’t tell you how much that RAK meant to me. To my sons. It was joy. It was hope. It was possibility.

It reminded me that there is so much good in the world, and helped me have the courage to ask the world to help my eldest son reach his dream of attending music college in America.

Thank you so very much. I have never forgotten it.

You changed my life.”

You never know the changes you are creating in the world. Never doubt your impact on others.

With Love and gratitude today and always, Fi xx

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3 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Power of Kindness”

  1. Fi my friend has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer l told her about you , in the hope that she can make some sense of it all , at the moment she is confused scared l have purchased your book for her to read at her leisure, and try and reassure her that as this post states she is not alone , you touch so many people in so many different ways x💕💞💕💞💕💕💞

  2. Don’t ever ask yourself if you have lived and loved enough. It is our blessing every day you are with us. Do the best you can do and that is all we can do as we take our separate cancer journey.

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