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You may have noticed that sometimes when I write, and often when I do public speaking, I channel what needs to be said or what needs to be written.

What, or who, I channel isn’t important I just know that I am being used to get words out into the world. I accept that because it is when I do this that my words have the deepest reactions from and impact with the recipients.

Every morning, as part of my routine and meditation, I ask questions and then I write, free hand, simply letting the words flow.

I wanted to share a piece of what I wrote in my journal yesterday because it felt too important to not share….it is not edited except for the removal or change of names mentioned…

“You need to focus on self-care, on self-love, on self-kindness. You need to focus on you and what your mind, body and soul need. You need to do it in order to heal. You need to laugh more, play more, connect more. Less pressure, more ease. More connection, more joy. Stop pushing people away. Let people in. You are carrying physical blocks in your body where there should only be love. Release the blocks to heal what you are carrying in your lungs and on your heart.

Once you see where the blocks are and how this relates to your life you will see what you have manifested in your physical body around your heart. Let it go. Let people in. Show your vulnerability. When Sapphire (name changed for privacy) phoned you yesterday she showed you what it is to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time. She showed you it is ok to be scared and to cry and that it doesn’t make you weaker. It makes you stronger. Be prepared to let your guard down. Be prepared to open up to the world. Not the facade. Not the act. Not the controlled vulnerability. Open up. Crack yourself open. Release the block. You don’t need it anymore. You don’t need it anymore.

As for your lungs. You are too scared to breath. You are too scared to truly relax. You are too scared to let in the breathing force of life. The prana. What are you scared of dear one? You feel guilt. You feel guilt for how well you are when others are sick. You need to release this guilt. You simply must. You need to release this guilt and this grief that you carry and feel for them. It is not yours to carry. It never was. Let it go. Release the burden now. Give yourself permission. Accept it and release it.

Do you think any of them (names of friends lost to or currently dying from cancer were listed) would be upset if you were well? Do you think I would be upset? No. We just want you to heal and to do well. Don’t compare your path to ours. It’s separate. It is good that you heal. It is needed. It is necessary. You need to release the guilt, the grief, the fear and the anger. Let it go baby girl or you can’t heal and you must heal, you must, not just for you, not just for us, but for the others too. I told you never to give up. I told you. Do you remember. I meant it. I meant what I said. Don’t ever give up.

Connect with others. Release the guilt. Release the fear. Express and be love. You are love. You need to show that to the world. You are being tempted into drama. Do not get involved. Step into love. You are love, it radiates in your cells now. Be love. Be Love. BE LOVE.

Share and show love. Accept love. Accept it into the very core of upper being, into your cells and all will be ok. I promise. it all works out.”

3 thoughts on “Be Love”

  1. Fi, I am praying for those pesky lungs to be fit for Bali! Go that girl! Love always Shoniex

  2. Beautiful shared. Thank you. I do sometimes wonder how I got to survive ovarian cancer.

  3. Following your news of progression December 17 I am reading your beautifully written words, your comment above… “release the blocks to heal that you carry in your lungs and above your heart”…..leapt out to me after your recent health update. You seem to have written the answers you need to get through this. I have faith in you, the universe, in love, in laughter, in joy.

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