5 Things I Learnt After I Was Told I Was ‘Terminal’ That Can Help You To Live

You would be excused for thinking that finding out you have a ‘terminal’ medical condition would be all doom and gloom. I certainly would have believed that before I received my own diagnosis in January 2016.
But, in reality, it is a massive and joyful wake up call to start LIVING your precious life!
Recently ‘Life Death Whatever’ asked me to write #FiveThings for their online campaign that is getting people talking about life and death (and everything in between) in new and exciting ways.
These are such important life lessons that I wanted to share them with you all here too:
Write them down, print them off, read them every day and live your f*cking amazing life!

1. You can have a terminal diagnosis and still look and feel fabulous.

2. I am more alive now since my terminal diagnosis than I ever was in the 30 years before it.

3. I am a ‘Live Like You Are Dying’ enthusiast, encouraging everyone* to live each day as if it were their last and to embrace their precious life. *regardless of their current health status.

4. We are all terminal. None of us are getting out of this alive.

5. If you are still alive then there is more right with you than wrong with you.

My favourite, and the most important message of all, is number 4 – ‘we are all terminal’.

It is this message that I strive to get across when I encourage people to ‘live like you are dying.’

Because today…this precious and beautiful day…is the first day of the rest of your life…and it, quite simply, could also be your last…

So, what would you change today if you thought you might die tomorrow?

Make a change today (even a small one) and start experiencing the life changing magic of living like you are dying!

Comment with your dreams and what changes you are going to make – let’s make magic happen!

Love, Fi xxx


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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learnt After I Was Told I Was ‘Terminal’ That Can Help You To Live”

  1. As always – your words and example, are inspirational. You are so right, we are all terminal and thankfully, most of us have no idea when that will be. When my husband was diagnosed with Bowel cancer in 2016, we were faced with that impossible scenario (that he might be terminal much sooner than we had thought). Thankfully, his surgeon did a brilliant job and he has had two positive annual reviews since then. He still has to manage the after effects of his surgery.and we both have to deal with the effects on our lives but that is definitely preferable to the alternative! One thing we have done is to focus on experiences rather than things. Memories are inspirational. Wishing you and Ewan a fabulous holiday!

  2. Every day is a little easier, when I get another wonderful post from you. Keep shinning girl!

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