Our Bodies Hold Powerful Healing Potential

When we have a virus or injure ourselves we don’t, for one single second, believe that this will be our permanent state. We don’t, for example, get a cold and think ‘oh fuck, that’s it I’m going to have a cold FOREVER.’

Similarly we don’t cut our finger and think we are going to have an open wound FOREVER…can you imagine if when I had multiple organs removed I’d been like, ‘well this is it, I’m just gonna have to learn to live with an open 18 inch wound in my abdomen forever now and man I’ll have to be careful my intestines don’t fall out in the supermarket’…eh no!

What actually happened was I thought ‘How fucking amazing is it that my body can heal and recover from having multiple organs removed, still function and repair a massive 18 inch incision!’ – talk about being badass, if I do say so myself…

Incase you somehow managed to miss my moaning, I had a cold this week….honestly it’s hard to believe I live with stage four cancer on a daily basis without complaint because when I have a cold I am the worst patient ever! anyway…

In amongst having a cold I also slipped in our bathroom and hit my head on our sink which resulted in a rather spectacular egg shaped lump and a splitting headache. BUT all of this was BRILLIANT because it made me reflect on something rather magical…

When I had my cold I thought ‘this sucks, but after a few days of resting I’ll be feeling fine again’. And when I hit my head I thought the same…

So, my lovelies, I am pondering this…why do we view cancer any differently? Why do we hear the C word and suddenly doubt our bodies inate ability to heal?

It kinda seems like bullshit to me so, call me crazy but I am choosing to focus on the fact that so far my body has managed to heal from a lot of crazy shit…including breaking my nose twice, having multiple organs removed, being knocked down by a car, having both my hands trapped in a sander and needing skin grafts, numerous concussions, an ectopic pregnancy, my heart stopping and my lung collapsing (twice)…to name a few.

After surviving all of this, healing from cancer seems kinda easy…right?

What do you think?

Love, Fi xxx

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  1. My amazing Fi…Keep kicking high. We have to be stronger then our cancer. Always glad when I see a post and you help me in more ways then you know.

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