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My RAOK Continue

Just stopping by quickly to say that I am still delivering my random acts of kindness! I have done only a few over the past couple of months (and forgotten to blog about them 🙈) but today I delivered four! Number one went to our London air bnb host – a wonderful, beautiful soul who just this week discovered they had a tumour. I remember the feeling well from my own diagnosis 2.5 years ago; the ‘new normal’ as you adjust to a situation you thought happened to ‘other people’. Actually I’d already decided I was going to leave him a random act of kindness before he revealed his news but sharing our stories cemented my plan and I left the envelope containing £20 in his bathroom.

Then, as we left the apartment I took the other three envelopes I was carrying (each also containing £20) and slipped them into random letter boxes belonging to his neighbours – I used my intuition to select no 3, 13 and 18. The trill of these random acts still fills me with so much joy as I imagine the recipient’s response to a random cash surprise 💖 after we left we went to kingscross to make our way back home and my hubby stopped at @pretamangeruk for a coffee which the barista gave to him for FREE!…it turns out Pret do random acts of kindness too! I love me some kindness ripples! 💜🌈🙌🏼 for those of you who don’t know why I hand out envelopes containing £20…it’s because following my surgery for stage four ovarian cancer in 2016 my friends and family raised £500 for me to treat myself…instead I’ve been handing the money out to strangers in a bid to make the world a little bit smilier. The pot of money keeps growing through donations and I keep on handing out the envelopes. It’s been AMAZING!…with so many wonderful stories and ripples…check out fkmunro.com for more. #kindness #raok #randomactaofkindess #bekind #fimunro #london #cancer #kindesscures #kindess #kind #passiton #love #makethedaygood

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