Introducing Ozzy

So the Munro household has a new addition moving in soon…meet ‘Ozzy’…named after my favourite place in the world ‘Ossian Hall’ at the Hermitage in Dunkeld…the name also means ‘Devine Power’….although if you ask hubby, he’ll tell you he is named after Ozzy Osborn 🤦🏼‍♀️

I am beyond excited to welcome this bundle of joy into our home soon and I’m so grateful to the wonderful people who bred him and cared for him so well. He is a gem 🐶💜😍

We had our first meeting this afternoon… he is 4 months old today.

He’s half poodle.. one quarter Bichon Frise and one quarter Cavalier.. and 100% cuteness 💜

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Ozzy

  1. Aww a new fur baby 💕💕 – he looks a dream!! Enjoy plenty of cuddles 😘💝

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  2. Ossy has you spoiled already! He has found an awesome person.

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