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Anti-Cancer Protocol

So many of the messages I receive each day are questions about my ‘anti-cancer protocol’ and so I wanted to write it all down for you lovelies so that you can have a read and see if any of the things I do each day/week/month resonate with you as an option in your own lives.

Now, firstly, I want to be clear that, personally, I don’t use the term ‘anti-cancer’ because I am not concerned about the tumours in my body. Yes I may have multiple tumours resident in my physical form but I am still here and I am living a great life and, let’s be honest, evidence shows that before you get diagnosed with stage four cancer (like I have) you will have had tumours for up to 5 years(!) so I don’t see any point wasting my time worrying about how many of these guys I still have hanging around. No, instead it’s my ‘journey back to wholeness protocol’ or… my ‘living with cancer protocol’….or just ‘my protocol for life’. Of course, if it ever leads to no more cancer then that is FANTASTIC….but it is not my aim or focus. As I detailed in my book; I am all about healing rather than curing – healing is to become whole, whereas curing is to become free from disease.

So, now that we are clear about that I will detail broadly what I do every day and then go into more detail about what a typical day looks like.

Of course, in addition to my daily protocol I also receive a dose of Avastin every three weeks through Health Care at Home….to be clear, I take no other pharmaceuticals – not even pain relief because I feel no pain!…despite the cancer…


Protocol Overview

These are the things that I do every day without fail.

Vitamins (ordered through Amazon)

  • B12 1000mcg
  • Vit D3 20ug | Calcium 800mg | Magnesium 400mg
  • Vit C 1000mg
  • Zinc 15mg | Selenium 200mcg
  • Vit D3 25mcg | Vit K2 MK-4 100mcg
  • Co Enzyme Q10 300mg

Mushrooms (ordered from Dr Kate James)

With hot water as a tea:

  • Cordyceps Extract 3.4% Cordycepin 1 rounded tsp twice daily
  • Reishi Spore Powder 1 rounded tsp twice daily

Tablets (alternate weeks)

  • Changa Complex 3 per day and Reishi Spore Oil x 3 per day
  • Alternating with – Gynostemma x 3 per day


  • 1-2 hours walking in nature
  • 15 minutes dance
  • 15 mins yoga (minimum)


  • 15 min at start of day
  • 10-15 min meditation or self reiki at end of day

Food and Drink

  • Plant based (no meat – although I do eat fish)
  • No sugar (the majority of the time – I am only human after all)
  • Plenty of garlic, ginger, spices and herbs
  • 100% Organic at home (I do eat out though)
  • Minimum of 2litres of water per day – filtered with charcoal and crystals


Once a fortnight I will also have a therapy session with either a Shaman, a BodyTalk Practitioner or a Body Stress Release Practitioner. I have provided links to the ones I see. They are all exceptional and I highly recommend them…I see each one about once a month.

In addition I spend a lot of time doing the things I enjoy. I only work three days each week and I spend the rest of my time doing lots of walking, yoga, seeing family and friends, spending time with my hubby and generally having a fun, crazy time living my life and eating lots of food.

I avoid stress and I stand up for my boundaries and my values. I have no doubt that feeling constantly stressed and not speaking up for myself previously played a massive role in me getting so sick. Now I physically feel when I am getting stressed by life (or not being true to my values) and I have the tools to work through this to maintain my optimal health.


Now how do I fit all this in? you might be wondering?….let me show you…

I have chosen to detail a typical Tuesday for me as this is the day that I leave the house at 8.30/45am and so is most likely to reflect what a typical working day might look like for others.

I don’t know about you but I have read some other people’s protocols and thought ‘how do they have time to do anything else?!’ My protocol, however, is all about living your life and making the protocol work for you rather than it taking over.


Detailed Protocol

7am – get up. Take glass water bottles out the fridge – they have been in there overnight. Each has a charcoal block in it to filter the water. One has three smokey quartz crystals – to remove toxins. The other has an amethyst, a rose quartz and a clear quartz to create balance. I leave these on the work top to allow them to return to room temperature. I only use water from. These for the rest of the day – never tap water.

Shower, hair, makeup, dressed.

7.20am – kettle on.

Drink a glass of water (from one of the jugs) with a slice of lemon in it alongside my mushroom capsules that I order from Dr Kate James. Alternate weeks I take either 3 Changa Complex with 3 Reishi Spore Oil or 3 Gynostemma (everyone’s need are different so please seek a specialist if you wish to take mushrooms as some interfer with other medications).

7.30am – 15 minutes free dancing to drum based music. A personal favourite just now is Xavier Rudd. Amazing! This gets my body moving and stretching how it wants to, increases my heart rate and stimulate my lymphatic and nervous systems. Also, my mind gets completely lost in the music and movement – a brilliant ‘moving meditation’.

7.45am – use water from previously boiled kettle to make a mushroom tea using 1 rounded tsp Cordyceps Extract 3.4% Cordycepin and 1 rounded tsp Reishi Spore Powder. Delicious!

8.00am – 15 minute meditation, preferably done outdoors. This varies based on my mood or personal needs each day but is usually either a chanting meditation or a silent meditation. I end it with a silent thank you for everything I am grateful for that day.

8.15am – BREAKFAST! I make a smoothie using a large glass of water, two majool dates, a banana, raw cacao, chia seeds, bee pollen, ground flax seed, hemp oil, flax seed oil and either a pear, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc. To this I add two tablets containing Vit D3 20ug | Calcium 800mg | Magnesium 400mg. I blend this and drink this while taking the following additional supplements:

  • B12 1000mcg
  • Vit C 1000mg
  • Zinc 15mg | Selenium 200mcg
  • Vit D3 25mcg | Vit K2 MK-4 100mcg
  • Co Enzyme Q10 300mg

I don’t turn my phone on until at least one hour after I am up and never before my morning meditations….this is my time…not anyone else’s.

8.30/8.45am – I leave my house to teach a meditation class in Madoch Centre, St Madoes.

9.15-10.45am – teaching class

11.30am – I see my first client for the day. This can be for either reiki, crystals, one-to-one yoga or a collection of all of these.

1-2pm Lunch. This is usually onions plus a range of other vegetables (whatever is in season) cooked with curry powder and chilli and finished with plenty of raw garlic, ginger and chopped coriander. I serve this with pumpkin noodles and a whole avocado with a raw red onion and more coriander or mint – I go through A LOT of herbs each day.

2pm – in the afternoon I will see one or two clients depending on how long a session they book.

Depending on the pattern of my clients that day I will either go for a walk in the woods at lunch time or at the end of my working day.

6.15pm – I make a second mushroom tea using 1 rounded tsp Cordyceps Extract 3.4% Cordycepin and 1 rounded tsp Reishi Spore Powder. I drink this while waiting for dinner to finish cooking and will either meditate in the kitchen or give myself a mini self-reiki.

6.30pm – Dinner. This will always be plant based and cooked with spices, ginger, garlic and herbs. Occasionally (once a week) I will cook fish to go with dinner. I also get a takeaway once a week from Tabla which I enjoy with friends or my hubby (or all together!)

7.30-9.00pm – I attend a (newly discovered) Kundalini Yoga Class in Perth. I am currently building up my stamina so that I can alternate this with an amazing Ashtanga Class on a Wednesday Evening that I used to go to.

On other evenings I am either out seeing family or friends or cuddling up to my hubby on the sofa. I sometimes also run events or teach a yoga class depending on the day of the week.

Bedtime Routine – I turn my phone off an hour before I plan to go to bed (sometimes two hours). I never use my phone in the bedroom, instead I read and give myself a self reiki session before going to sleep.

I don’t have a TV in the bedroom – we have one in our house and it’s in the living room – I can think of nothing worse than watching a TV or using my phone in bed…talk about negative effect to your sleep!


I think protocols for optimal health can seem overwhelming when we are still caught up in the societal pressure of working ourselves into the ground at the expense of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. So, if you are looking at my protocols and thinking “that is way too much for me!” then don’t worry. I have a few top tips for getting you on the right path…

  • Take 15 minutes at the start of your day to do something for your mind, body and spirit:

Body – move for 5 minutes

Spirit – meditate or sit in silence for 5 minutes

Mind – journal for 5 minutes (try writing a list of things that you are grateful for)

Once you have a routine of doing this each morning you can start to add in a few other changes…try adding one a week or even one a month…

  • Go outside every day (yes even when it’s raining)
  • Take a few minutes during your day to just breath (nipping away to the loo for some privacy helps)
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more veggies
  • Stop being so hard on yourself
  • Leave your phone off until after your breakfast
  • Turn your phone off at night

It can also be really helpful to find a practitioner that can help you. This can be a therapist, councillor, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, shamana…just as long as they make you feel comfortable and are able to hep guide and hold you as you begin to make positive changes in your life.

Above all, go easy on yourself and don’t judge yourself for ‘not doing what you are meant to’ – the fact that you are reading this post means that you have already taken the first step and you are ready to start making changes for you…

I hope this helps you on your journey back to wholeness.

Love and light, Fi xx

6 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Protocol”

  1. Hi:
    English is not my first language, so please tolerate my mistakes. I know somebody who in 2002 had stage 4 breast cancer.
    Well, a reiki foundation, food change, and there she is.
    Myself i had two devastating hemorrhagic strokes in 2005, reiki, acupuncture, and other things took me back to earth. (I was on week somwhere where there is no time, and belive me, its really beautyfull there, and you won´t come back, but I didn´t cross the door, I didn´t actually see it).
    Now I trained for a half Marathon, and times where pretty fair (for my age, 66).
    But I lost my life partner, my woman died last October, that gave me a terrible blow.
    I ran into your interesting blog searching for “magnesium”.
    What you show seems to be “serum magnesium”, which is the last resource fuel for your heart.
    So you don´t give any values of RBC magnesium, which must be pretty low in your case, judging from your cancer story.
    IMHO in your diet there is not sufficient Turmeric, and your magnesium portion is too small.
    It would be interesting to see which are your RBC magnesium levels.
    Waiting for your answer, Best Regards, Teo

  2. I just LOVE your wisdom, Fi. Still praying for you every day – thank you too for keeping Ali’s mantra going – “make every day a good day”.
    Love, Shoniex

  3. Guess too many try to but us in one mold. Like a tree we are many branches. You are living your life remarkably well and not letting cancer stop you. Yes we want to be cured and it be gone but it does not always happen. We lost a young lady to OVC at just 18 years old here in Alabama. My family went camping last week and at a site across from ours a family was out with a dying family member. Spoke with him and held his hand and he told me he was in hospice now but he was out having quality time with is family at a lovely camping park. Keeping living and loving girl as for me, I’m grabbing a hold of your branch.

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