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New Gene in Ovarian Cancer

New Gene Shows Non BRCA Patients Could Have Inherited Ovarian Cancer From Their Paternal Grandmothers

This news is of great interest to me and I have been meaning to for some time…

Discovery of a new gene suggests that ovarian cancer that is not caused by a BRCA mutation may be passed on by father’s and paternal grandmothers. As a result this means that those affected are at greater risk if their paternal grandmother and sister(s) has/had ovarian cancer.

This is interesting to me because I do NOT have the BRCA gene mutation, however my paternal grandmother passed away from ovarian cancer and my cancer ‘behaves’ as if it is genetic – aggressive and responsive to treatment.

I wonder then how many of my fellow teal sisters without the BRCA gene have a paternal grandmother with ovarian cancer too? xxx

Let’s see how many of us there are….



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