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Healthy and Happy Lungs

The results are in….

drum roll….

4 months ago today I had a collapsed lung; 2.5 litres fluid; malignant spread to right lung. My ‘mean time survival’ was just four months according to cancer research uk…

But….today’s xray shows no fluid and no evidence of malignancy on either lung. The consultant said it was much better than he expected. He reminded me that four months ago we had talked about the option to fill my lung cavity with talc to ‘seal off the fluid’ and buy us time before the fluid returned; we’d discussed the need for regular lung drains alongside chemotherapy and we had even discussed the potential of a permanent drain for when chemo ‘stopped working’.

I had been told that the fluid would return again and again, each time more rapidly than the time before. The situation has been dire to say the least. However I had trusted my intuition. I didn’t have the talc treatment and I didn’t have chemotherapy.

And…All of that, he said today. wouldn’t be required anymore. My lungs are completely clear!!

He was so smiley as he explained this and, needless to say so were me and my hubby!

He said clearly I am ‘a very positive person’ and it is working for me 💖

He even discharged me from respiratory and said he doesn’t expect he will see me again…I will actually miss him as he has been an amazing dr!

So…to explain the X-ray images which are March and today…

• The fluid between the two chambers of my right lung left over from the drain in January has disappeared.

• There is no sign of cancer on my lungs.

• AND the white bit at the base of my right lung that they thought was cancer and fluid that hadn’t been drained is actually my ‘lazy diaphragm’ – a result of having part of it removed during surgery and it now sitting higher on that side.

I couldn’t have dreamed of better results. I basically have ‘perfectly healthy lungs’.

Of course I am under no illusions about my situation. I still have tumours in my abdominal cavity – only three weeks ago today I was having abdominal drains removed! However, I think it’s important to celebrate the victories on our journeys back to wholeness. Also, I think it’s important to recognise that as wonderful as our medical teams are (and mine are exceptional!) they dot always have all the answers and they certainly don’t have crystal balls that can predict the future!

Today is a good day!!!

Thank you all for your continued support. Love and light xxx

4 thoughts on “Healthy and Happy Lungs”

  1. Wonderful news I am delighted
    What a great start to May.Your positivity in the face of adversity is inspiring thank you for sharing the up and downs I have a huge smile on.my face much like your docs 😀😀😀😀

  2. I am so pleased to see what you wrote in your blog, well done for trusting your intuition Fiona.
    You are just amazing and you give others hope and positivity in their lives. Thank you x

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