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When a Researcher Becomes a Reiki Practitioner

I wasn’t always a believer in the benefits of reiki…No, in reality, when I started receiving reiki…before I even started my own training…to say I was a slight sceptic would be an understatement.

I was a researcher and, as such, I have a very logical mind. Although I have always had a devine connection with the natural world I still liked things I could touch or measure – that is what made sense to me. What didn’t make sense was that someone gently placing their hands on me, or even hovering them above me, could have any impact on my physical and emotional state. You can imagine my surprise then, when after my first session I felt like I was walking on air, my skin was glowing, I felt relaxed and calm and I had the best sleep I’d had in years. “How was this possible?” I questioned.

With a new found curiosity I started to go for reiki treatments once every fortnight. Each time I was amazed by the effect it had on my mind, body and spirit. During this time I was also, of course, on a spiritual journey of my own. My cancer diagnosis had led me to turn my attention inwards and embrace who I truly was. It was time for me to stop defining myself by external, societal pressures and start living my truth. I wasn’t a ‘researcher’ I realised; I was so much more. I am a woman who loves nature; who finds comfort in meditation; who craves sitting amongst trees every day; who longs to connect with like minded souls; who believes in the power of the universe; who believes in self healing; who recognises the difference between being healed and being cured and who embraces the former.

At some point along this journey I started training as a yoga teacher and my mind, body and spirit changed in ways I can’t even begin to describe simply in a written post. I was ready for change; my very being was craving a shift in my consciousness and in my life.

At the same time I started writing my book and to this day I still joke that it was written by my subconscious. I would sit in front of my computer and, in a trance like state following my morning meditation, I would begin to write with an unstoppable force. Words literally poured from me as my fingers struggled to keep up on the keyboard…the same thing happens with many of my blog posts too and, as a result, I often struggle to recall what I have written.

Upon completion of my yoga training and the publication of my book – which both happened in the same month – I felt ready to learn more, to embrace this shift in consciousness that was happening within me and to see where life was going to take me next. So, I started my training as a reiki practitioner and a crystal therapist. The courses took my developing awareness, that had been harnessed by the journey back to wholeness I had begun following my diagnosis, to a whole new level. Gone was all trace of scepticism that I had held previously. This felt like my calling; like my true self was finally being called upon and given the opportunity to shine.

With each client I worked on I found I was able to connect deeper and deeper in to what their body, mind and spirit was crying out for. At first I was afraid…no one had told me that working with clients in this way would provide me with so much insight and I often reached out to my teachers for guidance (and reassurance).

Now, when I work with clients I am able to connect with them with ease. My intuition and inner guidance enables me to feel what they need to become whole again. I have had clients where I have literally seen their darkest fears in my own mind and been able to discuss these with them; I’ve felt the pain of their dis-ease in my own body; I’ve uncovered traumas they haven’t voiced; I’ve described habits they have outgrown; and so much more.

Through all of this I always feel like I am being guided to feel what they need to address in order to start their own journey back to wholeness.

The sceptic within me that was there in past years has gone and now I embrace the wonderful insight I have into the needs of my clients with an open and compassionate heart.

When I feed back what I have ‘picked up’ during our session, many clients have asked if I am ‘psychic’. In reality I think that when we, as humans, take the time to connect with each other we are always able to pick up on the intuitive needs of one another. Think, for example, how we always know when something is wrong with one of our pets – and they can’t even talk. However, we are often too busy to take the time to truly connect and listen to the needs of our bodies, minds and spirits; let alone the needs of another human being. All that said, however, my grandmother and mother have both been perceived as being ‘psychic’ and I had a relative burnt at the stake as a witch…in fact my hubby has called my a witch for many years because of the things I intuitively ‘know’…my ectopic pregnancy and cancer being just two examples…so I’ll let you make up your own mind on that…

“So, why am I writing all of this now?” you may be wondering.

Well, I wanted to share with you what you can expect during a reiki session with me. During our session together I will disconnect and enter a trance like state as I am intuitively guided to listen to what is going on for you. I will then allow my hands to move to the parts of your body that need the most attention. I will hold this space for about 45-60 minutes and then, following our session, I will feedback to you in an open and safe discussion.

I love every second of the work that I do. It is an honour and a privilege to hold the space for my clients and offer a hand on their journey back to wholeness. I can’t wait to work with you too. Thank you xx

6 thoughts on “When a Researcher Becomes a Reiki Practitioner”

  1. What a lovely article. I was smiling from ear to ear with what you are saying about Reiki. Isn’t it wonderful Fi. I had Reiki all through my Chemo Treatment, it was my hour of wonderful peace and I completely zoned out. And although I had been attuned to Reiki 11 years ago, I decided to do Reiki 1& 11 and Reiki Master. I worked voluntary in a Hospice for two years as a therapist and saw the wonderful effects of Reiki on patients. I havn’t got around to Yoga yet for some reason, but into Energy Healing (Donna Eden) at the moment too. Thank you for that article. So happy that you have found these joys. It so suits your spiritual side, smile. xxxx

  2. Hi Fi. I’ve been looking into reiki recently and fancied giving it a shot. How do I book an appointment?

  3. Hi Fi, This has nothing to do with your blog, but was the easiest way to send this to you, I hope you don’t mind. A friend wrote this today and for some reason I thought you would like it.

    The rain falls
    as whispers
    hushing my thoughts,
    smoothing the blunt edges,
    rounding me into a sphere.
    Continuously, the veil flutters,
    moistening the dry crevasses
    that I did not know was parched
    until the drops began.

    I am soaked, thru and thru.

    Satiated and glistening,
    I am a mermaid resting
    on a birthed island,
    set in the sea of chiming bells.
    I am the resonance ringing,
    the salt in all tears,
    the hallelujahs singing.

    We are as grains of sand
    separate and beautifully beached.
    Castled together in a rampart’s wave
    then dissolved with the tiding meld,
    curling out into the foaming sea.


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